Why You Should Hire Local Representation

Why You Should Hire Local Representation

You may not realize it, but when you need legal services there are several reasons why you should hire local representation. In fact, you can wind up spending thousands of dollars more in additional legal fees and give up many benefits you receive from a local attorney in Central Illinois.

Your case is important. So, you need a lawyer focused on representing you and your best interests. Here are some of the biggest reasons why your best solution is an attorney with experience in courts throughout Peoria County IL, Tazewell County IL, Woodford County IL, and Fulton County IL.

Local Lawyers Save You Money

You expect to pay fees for legal guidance and representation in court when you hire a lawyer. But did you know that you will also pay for travel expenses if you hire an out-of-town attorney? Believe it or not, you will get charged for meals, hotel costs, and travel time when you hire those well-known lawyers from another city or out of state. In addition, they may charge you higher rates for legal services because they are from a well-known firm or more expensive area. However, you can avoid those kinds of upcharges with a local attorney. Saving money is one of the best reasons why you should hire local representation.


Hometown Attorneys Are More Accessible

You may not find it that easy to meet in person with those big reputation lawyers from another city or out of state. As a result, they are less available to meet with you, discuss your case, and address your concerns. When it comes to legal matters, communication with your attorney plays a vital role in the quality of legal services that you receive. Therefore, you get more for your money with the greater accessibility that comes by working with a local attorney. Being able to discuss your case more frequently in person is another reason why you should hire local representation.

Benefit from Attorneys with More Local Connections

Local attorneys offer you more insight into how local courts, judges, and opposing attorneys will handle cases like yours. After all, a local lawyer works in those courts, with those judges, and against those other attorneys, day in and day out. Therefore, a local lawyer is more likely to know the judge’s preferences and personality. Consequently, you can receive a legal strategy that will better position your case to receive a more favorable ruling from the judge.


Local Attorneys Deliver Results

Big towns or other states are not the only places where to find attorneys who can work toward the best possible resolution in your case. Those out-of-town attorneys may make a convincing argument on those ads you see on TV. However, you will get charged more for their time, get less access to their services, and receive less advice on how local courts will handle your case. So, does that sound like a wise investment to you?

If not, then take advantage of all the benefits you can receive a local attorney. Attorneys near you will charge you less, offer you greater accessibility, and more familiarity with local judges and courts. Those are just some of the best reasons why you should hire local representation.

Why You Should Hire Brave Law

The Brave Law Center offers local attorneys who specialize in family law, criminal law, real estate law, divorce, DUI, and child custody cases. In addition, our attorneys prepare wills and trusts, and provide estate planning services. Plus, our local offices are conveniently located near you. In fact, we have three local offices, one each in Peoria IL, Lewistown IL, and Eureka IL. Consequently, we can meet and consult on cases with clients from the following communities:

About Our Attorneys

Attorney Jason Netzley founded Brave Law Center after many years of practice in Central Illinois. He began his legal career as an assistant state’s attorney in both Woodford and McLean counties. In Woodford County, he was the only assistant prosecutor, handling all matters from traffic tickets to felony cases. In addition, he worked on expungements and civil matters, including providing opinions to the Woodford County Board. Later, he began his private practice at a Peoria-area law firm, where he gained experience in criminal defense, family law, and license reinstatements, as well as other legal concerns.

Why You Should Hire Local Representation

Netzley’s partner, attorney Amanda K. Stanley, began as an associate lawyer in 2015 before gaining a promotion to partnership in 2020. She makes it her goal to help clients get their lives back on track, providing them with tools that help them attain success. She has experience with complex child-related issues, divorce matters, and monetary concerns, including child support and maintenance. In addition, she has worked on countless adoptions, parentage cases, interstate removal cases, orders of protection, stalking-no-contact cases, traffic, and criminal cases.

If you need legal assistance, please get in touch with us. Email us through our online contact form to arrange for a free initial consultation. If you prefer, you can call our office at 309-228-9136. We look forward to working with you to reach the best possible resolution for your legal concerns.

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Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL


Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL