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Understanding Probate with a Probate Lawyer for East Peoria IL

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Probate is a “catch-all” term when describing the legal process after a loved one’s passing. From the division of an estate to the filing of estate taxes, probate spans a great many tasks that can often get overlooked without a professional’s help. Thus, with guidance from a probate lawyer for East Peoria IL, you can ensure the probate process goes as smoothly as possible. Count on the Brave Law Center, P.C. team to lend a hand in what’s a difficult time for most.

What We Do

Not every family needs a probate lawyer. However, for those with larger or more complicated estates to manage, probate lawyers can provide the right services and legal guidance to finalize the division of an estate.

Our Role

Probate lawyers are state-licensed legal representatives. Our job is to advise the executor and/or beneficiaries of an estate after the owner’s passing. When a will is present, we set out to verify its legitimacy and ensure the deceased’s wishes are acted on in a manageable timeframe. However, without a will, our role shifts to assisting executors and the state to manage and fairly divide the estate.

Individual Tasks

As a probate lawyer for East Peoria IL, Brave Law Center manages the day-to-day of your estate and its assets. What we do includes:

  • Validating Wills
  • Organizing Assets
  • Distribution of Assets to Beneficiaries
  • Pay Bills Associated with Estate
  • File Estate and Income Taxes
  • Manage Life Insurance Proceeds
  • And More

What We Recommend

Brave Law Center can help you at any point during the probate process and provide guidance on a variety of issues that relate to probate. However, our team always recommends estate planning before one’s death. At the least, if a will is established ahead of time, this gives the executor and benefactors of the estate more flexibility with the allocation of assets. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to avoid the taxes and fees typically associated with the probate process.

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Our Other Legal Services

Beyond probate and estate planning, Brave Law Center can assist with several other legal matters related to you and your family. Jason B. Netzley and his team assist residents throughout Peoria, Pekin and the surrounding communities with legal needs focused on family law, criminal law, real estate law and more.

Talk with an Attorney

Probate doesn’t need to be a complex process when it involves the right professional help. Find the legal assistance you need from a probate lawyer for East Peoria IL. Call Brave Law Center, P.C. today at 309-685-7900 for a Request Reservation. Also, we are located at 330 NE Perry Ave, Peoria, IL 61603.


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