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Brave Law lawyers can assist you with divorce, child custody, child support, and other cases involving family law in Lewistown IL. Start working toward the best result for you and your family by calling now at 309-228-9250.

Family law cases often delve into emotional issues and involve laws that can get confusing for most of us. Issues that involve annulment, marriage dissolution, divorce, child custody, and child support make a profound impact on your family. Thus, understanding your legal rights and how family law works in the legal system will help you get the outcome you want. Our law firm can guide you through the complexities of the legal system to resolve these delicate matters.

The future of you and your family will take shape by how these issues come to resolution in court. Therefore, you need guidance from respected legal professionals with knowledge of Illinois family laws, how local judges come to decisions, and strategies to achieve your best outcome. Contact us now to schedule a Request Reservation to discuss your case with us. We will represent you with integrity and aggressively defend your rights.

Successful Representation for Divorce Family Law in Lewistown IL

The divorce process can stress you out and drain you emotionally. If communication breaks down between you and your spouse, you may even face a contested divorce process that typically lasts a year or longer. During this part of your life, you need a dedicated legal professional working toward your best interest to protect yourself. Our attorneys can file the legal documents you need for you and negotiate division of property and assets successfully on your behalf. In addition, we can keep your spouse from making moves that could damage your financial future and restrict your parental rights.

Defend Your Parental Rights with Child Custody Lawyers

If your ex hires legal counsel in a child custody case, you severely hurt your chances if you try to handle court proceedings by yourself. In addition to learning the law, you must adhere to court deadlines, file legal documents, and keep track of significant details. That process comes with a steep learning curve. Plus, the complex emotions you feel during that stressful process could make it hard to get all the details right. For that reason, you should consult with Brave Law for this and any other matter concerning family law in Lewistown IL. With over 86 percent of our clients giving us 5-star reviews, our track record of success speaks for itself.

Family Law Lewistown IL

Protect Your Financial Future in a Child Support Case

Most divorce proceedings result with a decision that one spouse will need to pay the other appropriate child support payments. However, the changing circumstances and finances that come with a divorce may make the financial burden of those payments too much to afford. On the other hand, a parent who does not receive the court-ordered payments they need from their ex can also struggle financially. If you find yourself struggling to make ends meet in one of these scenarios, consult with our attorneys. With years of experience in family law in Lewistown IL, we can fight to get your child support ruling reviewed and changed due to financial hardship or other factors.

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The Brave Law team will protect your rights and work toward your desired resolution in cases concerning family law in Lewistown IL. Request Reservation to discuss your case by calling 309-228-9250 or by sending us a message online. In addition to family law, our firm also provides legal assistance in cases concerning criminal defense, estate planning, wills, trusts, probate law, and real estate law. Our office is located at 156 North Adams Street, Lewistown IL.

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