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Confidently Tackle Your Case with Criminal Defense Attorneys for Washington IL

After being charged with a crime, what are your options going forward? One thing is sure: you can’t let the legal system roll over you. You have rights as an Illinois resident, and only criminal defense attorneys for Washington IL can ensure your voice is heard. Thus, it’s crucial to employ the services of Brave Law Center, P.C. We can help you confidently tackle any potential criminal case.

Brave Law Center does incredible work to support our clients. No matter the size or severity of your case, you receive the same treatment as anyone else. We handle your case with integrity and dedication, helping to build a path forward to the best possible outcome. Out of the hundreds of cases we’ve taken on, we’ve helped most of our clients reach the most desirable outcome. From reducing sentencing to having charges dropped, you’ll be happy with the work our law firm can provide.

What Are Your Options?

If taking your case to court without legal representation, there aren’t many options available to you. However, with a lawyer by your side, we can help you approach your case from multiple angles. Furthermore, we know the right people and legal procedures to give you the most advantages possible.

  • Can We Negotiate a Deal? For most cases, there’s always room for a deal to be made. In what’s known as a plea bargain, we can negotiate to have most charges and sentencing suggestions from a prosecutor be dropped in exchange for pleading guilty to lesser charges. In cases where there is enough evidence to fight certain charges but not enough to exonerate you completely, this is the best tactic for you to take.
  • How Can We Influence a Judge? The only way we can influence a judge is by presenting your case’s facts clearly and concisely. Criminal cases that may end with you paying thousands in fines and spending years in jail, we can convince a judge more lenient sentencing is more appropriate for your charges (a reduction of jail time, community service, rehabilitation, etc.).
  • What if You’re Innocent? If you believe the charges against you are baseless and you are innocent of all criminal intent, we will proceed forward with such a case. By collecting all appropriate evidence, testimony, documentation and more, we will build the best possible case to present in front of a judge and jury. And, if the path towards innocence is there, we will put our all into proving it.

Our Other Practices

Outside of being criminal defense attorneys for Washington IL, Brave Law Center handles various legal cases throughout Central Illinois. And, for all of our practice areas, you can be sure you’re getting some of the most experienced lawyers on your case. For example, we offer legal guidance for:

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If searching for the right criminal defense attorneys for Washington IL, look no further than the professionals at Brave Law Center, P.C. You can contact us today at 309-685-7900 to request a SRequest Reservation. Also, we are located at 330 NE Perry Ave, Peoria, IL 61603.

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