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The Brave Law Center can provide the experienced legal counsel you need to structure and administer trusts in Dunlap IL. Attorney Jason B. Netzley has prepared countless estate plans for clients. He can help you incorporate a trust that minimizes tax liability on assets now and in the future, provides a financial roadmap for generations of your family, and offers flexibility with inherited assets to heirs. Schedule a consultation with our attorney now to avoid these common issues with trusts:

  • Failure to update trustees or beneficiaries
  • No access to assets that you need now
  • Tax law or estate law changes diminish your estate
  • Failure to tailor a trust to your circumstances

Contact the Brave Law Center if you need more information about estate planning, wills, and trusts. We understand if you have lots of questions about preparing trusts in Dunlap IL. Our estate planning attorney can provide the answers you need to make important decisions for the future of your family. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your circumstances.

Assistance with Preparation of Trusts

Many people who try to prepare trusts on their own fail to structure it in a way that best fits their situation and their family. With many complicating factors, structuring a trust is not a straightforward process. Tax, family, legal and charitable issues must all get consideration to see that your estate gets handled according to your wishes. Plus, you may want advice on whether establishing a trust makes sense for your estate. If you need help with establishing trusts in Dunlap IL, schedule a Request Reservation with our estate planning attorney.

Legal Guidance for Making Updates to Trusts

Some things you simply cannot predict when you enact an estate plan with trusts in Dunlap IL. For instance, unforeseen circumstances such as the death of a trustee or beneficiary may require changes to your trust. Usually, well-prepared trust documents will include provisions that name replacement trustees or beneficiaries if necessary. However, you must update your trust if it does not include language that outlines changes to beneficiaries already. Consult with a Brave Law estate planning attorney if you need to make a change to your trust documents.

Trusts Dunlap IL

Get Help to Access Assets in the Trust

If your financial circumstances change, you may find yourself in a situation where you need access to assets you placed in trusts in Dunlap IL. Typically, well drafted trust documents should address this sort of scenario. However, there are limits on pulling assets out of different kinds of trusts. Before making any withdrawals, you need to fully understand the potential implications and restrictions involved. Also, you should consider how pulling out assets will affect the distribution of your remaining estate. Our estate planning attorney can advise you on how to best proceed if you need to access assets in a trust.

Stay Current with Changing Tax and Estate Laws

Changes to tax and estate laws can significantly impact or diminish assets placed in pre-existing trusts in Dunlap IL. An estate planning attorney from the Brave Law Center can offer you advice on how law changes affect your estate. Plus, we can help you make any necessary modifications to minimize tax liabilities on your estate. If you are concerned about how law changes affect your estate, schedule a consultation with our attorney to get answers you need.

Contact Our Local Estate Planning Attorney

Brave Law Center attorney Jason Netzley provides the legal services and counsel you need for estate planning and trusts in Dunlap IL. Consequently, you can avoid making mistakes that can diminish the value of your estate. Request a consultation now with our online contact form or call 309-228-9136.

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