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Brave Law Center, P.C. and our team of attorneys are equipped to handle your most difficult claims and cases. Whether looking for representation for your divorce or in need of a criminal defense lawyer, we’ve got you covered.

Attorney Jason B. Netzley delves into a variety of traffic and criminal cases in addition to DUI, reinstatement, FOID, estate planning, real estate, and other civil cases.

Attorney Amanda K. Stanley handles Divorce and Family cases from agreed quick resolutions to full on contested litigation.

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  • Jason B. Netzley

    Managing Partner & Mediator

    Jason B. Netzley

    Jason B. Netzley

    Managing Partner & Mediator

    Jason Netzley founded Brave Law Center, P.C., after years of practicing law in Central Illinois. At the beginning of his legal career, Jason worked as an assistant state’s attorney in McLean and Woodford counties. In Woodford County, he was the only assistant prosecutor and was responsible for all matters in his courtroom, from traffic tickets to felony cases. Jason also handled expungements and civil matters, including providing opinions to the Woodford County Board. He then moved into private practice at a Peoria-area law firm, where he gained experience in family law, criminal defense, and license reinstatements, among other legal areas. At the Brave Law Center, he is pleased to use his accumulated skills and experience, along with the professional connections he’s forged with local judges and attorneys, to provide his clients with the best possible legal outcomes whenever possible.

    Jason received an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Illinois Springfield and a juris doctorate law degree from the Southern Illinois University School of Law. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Business from SIUC. At the Brave Law Center, Jason handles divorce and other family law matters, including adoption and name-change cases, as well as criminal cases, including DUI and other traffic tickets; drug cases and other criminal matters; license reinstatements; sealing and expungement cases; real estate matters; and wills, trusts, estates, and guardianships. Originally from Logan County, he now lives in Tazewell County. He’s an animal lover and an avid board gamer and pinball player.

  • Amanda K. Stanley

    Amanda K. Stanley


    Amanda K. Stanley began her career as an Associate in the Peoria area in 2015 and was promoted to partner in 2020. Amanda has focused her energy on not only assisting clients through the emotional gauntlet of a divorce or parentage case, but also assisting clients with resolving traffic and criminal matters.

    Amanda understands that litigation is stressful (probably the most stressful time in one’s life) and as such she sets reasonable expectations for clients and strives to ensure that clients understand what is going on in their case and how the case might impact their lives.

    Amanda is a zealous advocate who will fight for her client, but also understands that there are times when it is appropriate to be collaborative and work toward an agreed resolution. It is very important to Amanda that parents attempt to co-parent to set good examples for their children, and as such, Amanda strives to be the beacon of reasonableness to assist parents at seeing the situation from their child’s perspective and to empower her clients to take control of their lives and not leave their parenting schedule and child’s life to a judge to structure.

    Amanda has also helped many clients through the juvenile court process and given clients the tools to protect their parental rights and rehabilitate themselves so that the family can be reunited.

    During her career, Amanda has handled numerous adoptions, divorces, parentage cases, interstate removal cases, orders of protection, stalking-no-contact cases, traffic, and criminal cases. Amanda has experience with complex divorce issues, child related issues, and monetary issues (such as child support and maintenance). Amanda has helped numerous men obtain majority parenting time as well as women.


    I strive to service my clients’ needs whether they be criminal or family related. I understand that we, as attorneys, meet people at their worst, and as their advocate, I am here to help my clients get their life back on track and give them the tools to be successful. I encourage clients not to let their current situation or circumstances define them, but to instead create change in their own lives for the better. Change is motivated by inspiration or desperation, and I desire to motivate clients.

Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL

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Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL


Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL