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Before and After Death: Count on a Probate Lawyer for Canton IL

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There’s plenty that can be done in preparation for the passing of a loved one. While we leave the personal matters to family and care practitioners, attorneys can handle legal preparation (such as wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.). And after a family member’s passing, there’s even more legal work that needs to be done. So, whether you’ve had help with estate planning or not, a probate lawyer for Canton IL can provide the insight you need after a loved one’s passing. Allow the team at Brave Law Center, P.C. to assist throughout the probate process.

What is Probate?

For an attorney, probate refers to everything involved with an estate after an owner’s passing. From a division of assets to the paying of taxes, probate covers it. And it’s the job of your probate lawyer to ensure nothing is overlooked, and all requirements under probate law are met.

  • After Death with No Will – If someone passes without a will, the responsibility of their estate falls on the state. At this point, the state assigns an executor of the estate, and the organization of assets begins. During this process, your lawyer helps track all assets, provides correct documentation, manages expenses, and represents your interests when negotiating with the state.
  • After Death with a Will – The probate process changes with the introduction of a will or trusts. Many of the responsibilities of your probate lawyer for Canton IL stay the same, but more control is in the hands of the executor. Your attorney will assist in confirming the legitimacy of a will and enacting its last requests. Furthermore, if there are disputes between what benefactors say and the will states, your attorney will resolve such arguments (in and out of court).
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Why You Should Consider Estate Planning

The work a probate attorney does is separate from what an estate planning attorney does. However, much of what’s planned ahead of time will significantly benefit you and your family after the estate owner’s passing. Understandably, the estate process can be long and expensive without a will. Conversely, wills and trusts take your estate out of the hands of the state. You have more control, and you can work with your attorney to maximize what you and beneficiaries receive.

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