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Brave Law specializes in all aspects of family law and can counsel you when you need a divorce attorney in Lewiston IL. Tell us about your case now by giving us a call at 309-228-9254.

Nobody wants or expects to go through a divorce. Although, you must remember that you are not alone if you are going through that process right now. In fact, more than 44 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce, according to industry research. Unfortunately, the divorce process can become overwhelming and emotionally exhausting. Some couples part ways amicably without needing to involve lawyers or the courts. However, in many cases, you need legal representation to navigate the divorce and come to the best outcome with a settlement.

Brave Law wants to help when you need a divorce attorney in Lewistown IL. Contact us now to find answers to your questions and get the counsel you need. Since more than 86 percent of our clients give us 5-star reviews, you can rest assured we will work toward the best resolution for your case.

You Are No Longer on Good Terms

Some couples file a petition and negotiate a divorce. Believe it or not, they solve all issues surrounding their divorce without involving an attorney. However, this situation only works if you are in good terms with your partner. Plus, both parties need to want to make the divorce work.

Unfortunately, one or both parties often refuse to amicably discuss the divorce. Furthermore, couples that experience instances of cheating, abuse, neglect, and irreconcilable differences in the marriage usually always require lawyers. When you experience any of those situations, you need to contact a Brave Law divorce attorney in Lewistown IL. We will protect your best interests in your case.

Young Children Are Involved

When you and your spouse have children together, your divorce becomes about more than just the two of you. The whole future of your family is at stake. Therefore, you need professional legal assistance from a divorce attorney in Lewistown IL. Brave Law attorneys can help you find answers to the following questions:

Divorce Attorney Lewistown IL

  • Who will serve as the primary custodian of the kids?
  • Will we have joint or sole custody?
  • How will we implement child support?
  • What will the visitation arrangement look like for the parent who will not receive custody?
  • How will you both parent the kids from separate homes?
  • Are there any rules you want to enforce regarding visitation, vacations, and trips out of the country?

Brave Law specializes in child custody cases as well as divorce. Plus, we also provide counsel on cases concerning child support and maintenance. Let us help you find the best solution for these delicate matters with our years of experience in family law.

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If you are ready to file, contact a Brave Law divorce attorney in Lewistown IL. We can walk you through the process, file the petition for you, and even serve your spouse with the papers. Tell us about your case today by calling 309-228-9254.

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