Annulment Lewistown IL

Annulment Lewistown IL

Get Legal Advice for an Annulment in Lewistown IL

Brave Law Center family law attorneys can help you through the emotionally charged process of getting an annulment in Lewistown IL. Get a Request Reservation to discuss your case by calling now at 309-228-9254.

Usually, you want to undo some mistake or avoid an impactful financial inequity by pursuing a difficult annulment instead of a divorce. Consequently, annulments tend to be emotionally charged. Thus, you can benefit from having an unbiased third party to lend advice and keep tensions at bay during the proceedings. Our experienced and professional Lewiston IL annulment attorneys can build your case every step of the way. The lawyers at our firm take pride in taking the time to hear your story from your point of view.

Plus, you will need to prove your marriage meets eligibility requirements under the law to be considered for annulment in Lewistown IL. Therefore, you should contact our firm to schedule a Request Reservation. We will protect you and your rights while working toward the best possible outcome for your family.

How Is an Annulment Different from a Divorce?

Divorce serves as a legal ending to your marriage. The divorce declares that while you were once part of a union, now that has ended. Thus, both sides revert to their status as single individuals. On the other hand, an annulment completely sets cancels the marriage as if it never existed. Therefore, an annulment erases all record that the marriage ever existed, rather than simply ending it. As a result, an annulment makes the marriage completely invalid.

Annulment Lewistown IL

Some Responsibilities Still Remain Under an Annulment

Even if you are granted an annulment in Lewiston IL, you and your ex-spouse will need to divide assets, property, and debt fulfillment. Unlike the terms of a divorce, an annulment will not grant any party spousal support payments. On the other hand, an annulment acts like a divorce when it comes to children. Annulments do not exempt a parent from the responsibility of child support and providing for the well-being of the child.

Legal Grounds to Receive an Annulment

As mentioned above, your marriage must meet certain conditions to gain eligibility for an annulment in Lewistown IL. For your convenience, please review the following list of circumstances which allow for annulments:

  • Unlawful Bigamy – This occurs when one or more parties in the marriage already had an existing marriage with someone else.
  • Incestuous in Nature – This situation happens when the married couple are close blood relatives.
  • Inability to Consummate the Marriage – This occurs when one of the parties in the marriage got married while physically incapacitated. Under the incapacitation, the marriage cannot be consummated. Then, the party discovers the physical incapacitation cannot be cured.
  • Age – The party filing for the annulment got married at a younger age than legally required.
  • One Party Discovers a Previous Marriage Still Exists – This is different from bigamy. In this instance, the marriage took place after the former spouse was absent for 5 years and not known to be living or generally thought to be dead.
  • Unsound Mental Capacity – Either party was unable to understand the nature of the marriage or the obligations that come with it.
  • Fraudulent Circumstances – Either party got married for fraudulent purposes. For example, one person gets married solely to get a green card or some form of citizenship status.
  • Force – One party only consented to the marriage because of the use of or threat of force.

Get Help with Your Annulment in Lewistown IL

Brave Law Center family law attorneys can provide legal advice and draft the documentation you need to get an annulment in Lewistown IL. So, call now at 309-228-9254 or contact us online to get a Request Reservation.

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