Marriage Dissolution Lewistown IL

Marriage Dissolution Lewistown IL

How to Get a Marriage Dissolution in Lewistown IL

Brave Law Center specializes in all aspects of family law, including advice on getting a marriage dissolution in Lewistown IL. Call your source for trusted and respected local divorce attorneys today at 309-228-9254. We will provide a free initial consultation and work toward getting a fast and fair resolution for you.

Choosing to end your marriage sets a chain of events in motion that can impact you for many years if not the rest of your life. However, a marriage dissolution offers you one way to take some contentiousness out of your relationship decision. Unlike a divorce, a marriage dissolution does not seek to assign blame for why the marriage failed. Therefore, you can avoid some of the expense and court proceedings experienced in a divorce with a marriage dissolution in Lewistown IL.

Both parties must agree on all financial, family, and property decisions before petitioning the court for a marriage dissolution. Therefore, an experienced attorney who can skillfully negotiate on your behalf gives you the best chance to reach a fair agreement. Thus, you should contact Brave Law Center attorneys for a Request Reservation.

What Are the Differences Between Divorce and Marriage Dissolution?

If you are not familiar with getting a marriage dissolution in Lewistown IL, you may wonder how it’s different from a divorce. You can eliminate some of the court proceedings, temporary orders, and expense of divorce with a marriage dissolution. In fact, most of the work gets done outside of court.

Both parties must work together in providing information that helps legal representatives negotiate the best possible resolution. An agreement between both parties must be reached before anything gets filed with the courts. Therefore, both sides can possibly avoid heated arguments, the hassle of several court appearances, and delays in the process. For that reason, couples who want a faster and cheaper process can elect for a marriage dissolution. Thus, they hire attorneys to do much of the work in reaching an agreement before involving the court.

The Marriage Dissolution Process

Brave Law Center attorneys can help you negotiate a fair marriage dissolution in Lewistown IL. Thus, we will work on your behalf to help you reach agreement on the following:

  • Spousal support payments
  • Child support payments
  • Debt settlement
  • Responsibility for payment of attorney fees
  • Designation of a residential parent
  • Parental rights
  • Child visitation agreements
  • Division of property and assets

During negotiations, involved parties must voluntarily trade information because neither side can use subpoena power. However, parties can agree to hire professionals to assign value amounts to property and assets.

What Happens After a Marriage Dissolution Agreement?

Marriage Dissolution Lewistown IL

When both sides reach agreement on their marriage dissolution in Lewistown IL, the court gets petitioned. Then, a court hearing takes place. During the court hearing, both sides must provide testimony to the following:

  • Both sides are satisfied with the agreement
  • Each party made full disclosure on property and assets
  • Both parties voluntarily signed the agreement
  • Each party agrees that they voluntarily want to dissolve the marriage

Next, the court will rule to grant the dissolution if all the above conditions are met. Finally, the result ends up like a divorce in that legally the marriage is officially ended.

How Brave Law Can Help with Marriage Dissolution in Lewistown IL

Brave Law Center family law attorneys serve clients with integrity and a dedication to the legal process. They have years of experience with the type of negotiations it takes to reach a fair agreement on marriage dissolution in Lewistown IL. Over the years, our firm has taken pride in helping families get through difficult times and complex legal matters. Give us a call today at 309-228-9254 or Request Reservation with us online. We will work toward the best possible resolution for you and your family from our office at 156 North Adams Street, Lewistown IL.

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