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Divorce proceedings become contested when spouses fail to agree on one or more matters concerning a marriage dissolution. For examples, disagreements over marital debts, division of property, or pets commonly occur. The first step in the process for a contested divorce involves mediation. If that doesn’t solve the argument, then parties can present their cases before a judge. It can take over a year or more to resolve a contested divorce in Peoria County IL. As a result, you will need the guidance of a qualified legal representative to navigate these trying and delicate matters.

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What to Expect with a Contested Divorce in Peoria County IL

Illinois family law allows for a no-fault divorce. Essentially, this makes it easier to establish grounds for a divorce than in some other states. Under Illinois family law, a spouse only needs to prove that “irreconcilable differences have caused the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.” The most common proof that a marriage is irretrievably broken is a separation while living apart for at least 6 months. If spouses come to agreement after that time, then an uncontested divorce will get finalized. However, arguments between spouses after that period will result in a contested divorce. To start a contested divorce process, one spouse must file for it. For assistance with a contested divorce in Peoria County IL, consult with Brave Law family lawyers.

Get Help Petitioning for a Marriage Dissolution

The divorce process starts when an attorney for one of the parties files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The court calls the spouse who files paperwork as the petitioner, and the other spouse is the respondent. Once the petition gets filed, the petitioner must serve the respondent with the divorce papers. It must get done in person, by certified mail, by a special process server, or with the assistance of the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office. The respondent then gets 30 days to respond. As a result, the respondent can either acknowledge the petition or file a counter-petition. If that happens, a counter-petition allows the respondent to allege different events than ones presented by the petitioner. After the response, one of the parties or their attorney can request a hearing. For help filing a petition, get a Brave Law divorce attorney to assist with your contested divorce in Peoria County IL.

Divorce Trials

If parties fail to reach a settlement, a trial will commence as the final step of a contested divorce in Peoria County IL. Before the trial, parties can present unresolved matters in a pre-trial conference. After that point, the judge can suggest how the parties can go about reaching a settlement. If the parties remain in disagreement, the divorce trial will begin. Lawyers for each party can make arguments, present evidence, and call witnesses during the trial. The judge will then consider all arguments and rule on the outstanding issues. Finally, the judge will announce the ruling, making the divorce ready to close.

Contested Divorce Peoria County IL

How Long Will the Contested Divorce Take?

Usually, you will spend a year or more in the process before concluding a contested divorce in Peoria County IL. That includes the 6-month separation period in the relationship that serves as proof of grounds for the divorce. The faster parties can agree, the faster a conclusion will get reached. The time estimate also remains dependent on the court’s schedule. If the Peoria County Courthouse gets booked up, delays will occur between court dates, and it will take longer to present the case in front of a judge.

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