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Is Divorce Mediation in Lewiston IL Right for You?

We’ve all heard horror stories of nightmare divorce scenarios. Once a separation devolves to the point of requiring a court to settle it, there are significant issues between the two parties. However, not every divorce ends in such a fiery manner. With the help of Brave Law Center, P.C., you can reach a fair resolution for your separation through divorce mediation in Lewiston IL. Talk with our attorneys today to discover if mediation is right for you.

Why Pick Mediation?

If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse can’t seem to agree on any part of your separation and are constantly fighting, divorce mediation might not be your best option. However, if you and your spouse are still on good terms with each other, mediation helps you avoid some of the hassles typically associated with divorce.

  • Avoid Court
    • You and your spouse can reach a separation agreement and not involve a judge and court by opting for divorce mediation. Not only does avoiding court give you more control over your divorce, but not going to court will save you time and money otherwise required through court proceedings. Not to mention, going to court requires both parties to secure legal counsel instead of one neutral representative.
  • Reach a Fair Conclusion
    • If fighting with your spouse over how debt should be separated or child custody should be handled, you risk reaching an agreement that might not be fair to all parties. Conversely, having divorce mediation in Lewiston IL means a neutral party. Your neutral party will help reach a separation agreement that’s satisfactory for both spouses.
  • Child-Focused
    • If you and your spouse are parents, divorce mediation is one of the best options when considering what’s best for your children. You, the other parent, and your counsel can discuss a manageable child custody agreement through mediation talks. This agreement will make the most sense for the safety, care and growth of your children.

Legal Professionals at Brave Law

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Of course, not every separation can be managed through divorce mediation. Thankfully, Brave Law Center offers additional family law services to assist throughout the divorce process. Furthermore, our team manages legal matters for residents throughout the Greater Peoria area. Such practices we cover include:

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