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Find Legal Support When Handling Your Contested Divorce in Dunlap IL

If your marriage isn’t turning out to be the “happily ever after” you first envisioned, you have several options. First, work with your spouse to determine what is and isn’t working in your relationship and take steps to resolve problems. However, if you and your significant other no longer see eye to eye, the next option is a dissolution of your marriage. While everyone hopes for a straightforward separation process, disagreements can quickly lead to a contested divorce. Thankfully, if contending with a contested divorce in Dunlap IL, Brave Law Center, P.C. can offer the support you need.

How We Work Through a Contested Divorce

Brave Law Center has extensive experience managing divorce cases throughout Central Illinois. Our goal is to help our clients reach as optimal an outcome as possible from divorce proceedings. Thus, we provide guidance and support throughout your legal separation. The contested divorce process entails:

  • The Discovery Process
    • A contested divorce starts when you or your spouse files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Upon receiving a response from the opposite party within 30 days, we transition into the discovery process. During this time, Brave Law will assist in gathering and organizing information regarding assets, income, child custody, debt, and other factors unique to your case. In gathering this information, we begin to build a case supporting your side of the divorce.
  • Optional Settlement
    • After completion of the discovery process, divorce proceedings go into negotiations. During this time, Brave Law will speak with your spouse (and their lawyer) to find a middle ground for how assets can be split, child custody is managed, etc. Ideally, when negotiations are complete, both parties have agreed on the most critical factors of the divorce case. However, your case will proceed to court if an agreement can’t be reached.
  • Court
    • While not the preferred scenario, many contested divorces inevitably end up in court. Thankfully, your attorney will prepare for this scenario. Using evidence collected throughout the discovery and negotiation phases, Brave Law will argue for your side of a separation. In response, a judge will again try and help parties reach a compromise. Ultimately, a judge’s ruling will be the final say in how your divorce will settle.

How Else Can We Help?

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After helping resolve your contested divorce in Peoria IL, Brave Law Center can offer legal advice and guidance for various issues. Our lawyers have worked with clients to defend themselves from criminal charges, prepare for estate planning, and much more! Some of our covered practice areas include:

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