Parenting Time Peoria IL

How Can a Lawyer Help with Parenting Time in Peoria IL?

An attorney can play a vital role in guiding parents through legal processes and complexities involved with establishing parenting time in Peoria IL. Brave Law Center, P.C. can provide you with an attorney experienced with family law, child custody, divorce, and child support cases. Our lawyer can help you develop a parenting plan, mediate disputes, and obtain a custody order if necessary. Child custody cases can often result in stressful and emotional disputes. So, it is recommended to have a qualified legal professional working on your behalf to facilitate communications and negotiate the most desirable outcome. Contact Brave Law Center, P.C. now to request a reservation to speak with our attorney about parenting time in Peoria IL.

Parenting Time Peoria IL

An Attorney Can Help You Create a Parenting Plan

Under ideal circumstances, parents can amicably agree on a parenting plan when they separate. However, there are many cases with hard feelings or bitter disagreements involved that make this impossible without assistance. If you need help establishing parenting time in Peoria IL, contact Brave Law Center, P.C. to request a reservation to speak with our family law attorney. Our lawyer can help you create a parenting plant that includes the following:

  • An outline for physical custody of the child. This will designate where the child will spend their time.
  • An agreement on legal custody of the child. This will establish which parent, or parents, can make important decisions for the child.
  • Our lawyer can facilitate negotiations between parties to take complications such as work schedules, the child’s preferences, and childcare arrangements into account.

What Details Affect a Plan for Parenting Time?

There are many considerations to consider before the establishment of a plan for parenting time in Peoria IL. Here are some of the important details to consider:

  • Schedules
    • Parents should agree to make a physical calendar that outlines specific days and times when the child will be in their care.
    • This schedule should include agreement on special days such as birthdays, holidays, or other regular activities the child engages in such as sporting events, after school programs, or church attendance.
  • Transportation
    • Parents need to agree upon who is picking up or dropping off the child at what time and at what location.
  • Communication
    • Parents should agree upon acceptable forms of communication to discuss with each other any necessary adjustments to the parenting plan. Whether it is by email, call, or text, each parent is responsible for keeping the other party updated on email address or number changes.
    • If a disagreement happens, parents should remain respectful and never use the child as a go between to facilitate communication.
  • Emergency Plans
    • Agree on how to handle situations if the child has an emergency. This should include how to notify the other parent of the circumstances.
  • Agreement on Important Life Decisions
    • Parents should work together to amicably agree on important decisions such as schooling, faith worship, acceptable extra-curricular activities, and dating life for the child.
  • Medical Considerations
    • Parents should also work together to establish how to handle concerns about medical treatment, diet, or mental health situations.
Parenting Time Peoria IL

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Brave Law Center, P.C. can provide you with an experienced attorney if you need legal assistance with matters concerning parenting time in Peoria IL. Our firm has experience with family law cases in Peoria County IL, Tazewell County IL, and Fulton County IL. You can reach our office in Peoria IL at 309-685-7900. If you need to reach our office in Lewistown IL, give us a call at 309-547-3516. Also, you can request a reservation to meet with our lawyer by using our online contact form.

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