Stay Off Facebook! Reasons You Should Avoid Social Media During a Divorce

Stay Off Facebook! Reasons You Should Avoid Social Media During a Divorce

For many, we use social media to unwind or vent our frustrations. While this is all well and fine, the attorneys at Brave Law Center cannot stress enough the importance of staying away from social media during a divorce. Yes, if your soon-to-be-ex said something especially nasty today, you want to vent about it! However, what you share on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms can be turned against you if you’re not careful. Brave Law has seen too many cases impacted by “heat-of-the-moment” tweets we wish we could take back. If you’re still not convinced, here are some ways social media can affect your divorce proceedings:

Jeopardize Custody Arrangements

For your children, you only want what’s best for them. And your attorneys and judge will believe the same way! However, convincing a judge that you deserve custody over another parent is easier said than done. Especially for cases where proceedings are contentious, a custody battle can be fierce. One off-color or disparaging comment you threw around on social media might come back to haunt you. Thus, if the custody of your child is on the line, stay offline yourself.

Reveal Too Much

When on social media, it’s understandable that you want to talk about the new game console you bought or the recent concert you went to. After all, we’re human, and we want to share our experiences with others! But, for big-ticket items (like game consoles or concert tickets), you should be careful about revealing too much. Extensive spending can seem frivolous during divorce proceedings. Even if it’s something you budgeted and saved up for, such purchases can give fodder to a partner wanting a spousal maintenance arrangement. Furthermore, a judge might adjust asset division or child support payments based on your perceived spending habits. For the time of the divorce, be sure to keep these parts of your life private.

Character Assassination

While social media can give us a window into a person’s life and feelings, it often paints an incomplete picture. Anything you say or do on Facebook or Twitter can be misconstrued or taken out of context. To this end, moments of anger or frustration revealed on social media can be enough for a judge to mischaracterize you. And when a divorce proceeding ends in court, a judge has the final say on everything. Thus, stay off social media to ensure you’re not misjudged, and your spouse’s attorney can’t use your posts against you!

What Not to Say

As previously explained, your social media habits can significantly impact your divorce. However, we understand that social media has its benefits, even throughout separation proceedings. So, if you wish to stay active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., here are a few things you should avoid posting while your divorce is ongoing:

  • Announcement of Divorce – Announcing your divorce, relationship status, etc., can come off as crass for those not in the know. It’s OK to share details about your separation with friends and family, but try to keep much of this conversation offline.
  • Disparaging Comments – Your soon-to-be-ex might know how to press all your buttons, but don’t let that anger spill out online. Instead, if you need to vent, talk with friends, family, counselors, a mediator, or your attorney.
  • Irresponsible Actions – You might want to post that funny picture of your “friends’ night out,” but consider the picture’s context before doing so. Posts about partying, drinking, and “general debauchery” can be misinterpreted as irresponsible, giving your partner more leverage for their case.
  • Questionable Behavior – We’ve all said or done something stupid in the past that we’re not proud of. However, posting evidence of questionable behavior online can self-incriminate you! Anything seen as legally dubious or potentially immoral can work against you in court.
Stay Off Facebook! Reasons You Should Avoid Social Media During a Divorce
Play it Safe

While Brave Law Center cannot make our clients stay off social media throughout their divorce, we encourage our clients to put more thought into what they share online. Even outside of separation, it’s essential to be considerate of what you post to social media. After all, once something is on the internet, there’s no telling who will see it or how long it can be accessed. Above all, Brave Law Center wants you to play it safe when engaging in social media so that we can assist with your divorce to the best of our ability!

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