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While we may say “until death do us part,” this isn’t always the case for some relationships. Tensions can flare, stress can be at its max, and sometimes you simply fall out of love. Such scenarios are unfortunate but do occur. What can be more unfortunate, however, is if a relationship ends on bad terms. This can sometimes lead to a contested divorce, and such a separation is difficult to handle. However, with help from a divorce attorney, you can get through a contested divorce in Peoria IL relatively unscathed. It’s time to call the team at Brave Law Center, P.C.

With integrity and dedication, the attorneys at Brave Law Center commit themselves to your case. Our goal is to ensure you’re treated fairly in any separation. From child custody to retainment of property, we will make sure you get the best possible outcome out of your divorce. We understand how difficult a time it can be for you and your family, so we take great care to approach your case with a personal touch. Moreover, we are available for consultation or advice on your case whenever you need us.

The Need for an Attorney in a Contested Divorce

If you’re lucky, some divorces are amicable, and both parties can agree on who gets what. However, for the portion of separations that aren’t this way, an attorney can step in and help. At the end of the day, a lawyer is the only way to come to an agreement (or convince a judge in court).

  • The Discovery Process
    • For a contested divorce, you or your spouse will start by filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. After a response from the opposite party (within 30 days), the Discovery process will begin. This is when a lawyer can help you gather information about income, assets, custody issues, debt and anything else that needs addressing in the divorce. The gathering of such info will help build a case for each party.
  • A Potential Settlement
    • The best case for any divorce is to avoid ending up in a courtroom. So, a lawyer will always fight to reach a settlement for your divorce. In such a situation, you and your spouse reach an agreement through mediation or collaborative law. However, if there are too many aspects to your separation that can’t be agreed on, a day in court cannot be avoided.
  • The Trial
    • If your divorce reaches the trial stage, this is where your attorney works overtime for you. A lawyer will fight for your side of the separation, arguing why it’s fairer for you to keep or obtain certain assets. Child custody is often an issue of incredible contention at such trials. Sometimes, a judge will offer suggestions as to compromises, but ultimately the result of the court case is the final word on your separation.

Addressing Your Other Legal Issues

A gavel with a ripped heart and two rings, representing a Contested Divorce in Peoria ILWhile a contested divorce in Peoria IL can be messy, so too can a variety of other legal issues. However, with the experienced team at Brave Law Center, P.C., we can help you work through any one of your legal woes. For example, the practice areas we cover are:

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