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In Illinois, larceny (or theft) covers a wide range of areas. If not familiar, larceny is an offense where an individual knowingly takes anything of value from another individual, group or organization. This “item of value” can be anything from labor or services to physical possessions. And if you’re caught committing larceny in Peoria IL, you face steep fines and potential jail time if a serious enough offense. However, with help from the team at Brave Law Center, P.C., you can fight your charges and build the strongest possible defense.

Understanding Larceny Offenses

There’s no debating what the crime of larceny entails. However, the severity of the crime comes down to the amount or value stolen. The more you’re accused of stealing, and the more serious your punishment can become. (All offenses require restitution for lost finances.)

  • Class A Misdemeanor – This is the lowest charge for theft crimes. For money or property stolen up to $500, you can receive up to one year in prison and up to $2,500 in fines for each charge.
  • Class 4 Felony – The same as a Class A misdemeanor, but if you stole from a school or place of worship. Prison time can reach as high as 3 years and fines as much as $25,000.
  • Class 3 Felony – Anything stolen that’s valued between $500 and $10,000 can land you with a Class A felony. Prison sentencing can be 2 to 5 years, with fines up to $25,000,
  • Class 2 Felony – Similar to a Class 3 felony, but if stolen from a school or place of worship. Penalties include up to $25,000 in fines and 3 to 5 years imprisonment.
  • Class 1 Felony – Either between $10K and $100K stolen from a school or church, or between $100k and $500k stolen from anyone else. Expect fines up to $25K and anywhere between 4 to 15 years in prison.
  • Class 1 Non-Probationary Felony – If the value of stolen goods is between $500K and $1 mil, you can receive the same penalties as a Class 1 felony but with no chance at probation.
  • Class X Felony – This is the highest charge you can reach with larceny in Peoria IL. If caught stealing property or money worth over $1 mil, you can be fined up to $25K and receive between 6 to 30 years in prison.

Where We Can Help

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At Brave Law Center, we can assist with your larceny case. As the degrees of punishment for theft can vary greatly, it’s beneficial to have an attorney by your side. We will go over your case, discuss the best legal options, negotiate for lower charges and sentencing, and offer a robust defense where applicable.

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