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Understanding Larceny in Pekin IL

Per Illinois law, larceny (or theft) is defined as the intentional taking of money or property from an individual, group or organization without their express knowledge. Of course, understanding what “stealing” is shouldn’t be an issue for most. However, if being charged with larceny in Pekin IL, you need to understand the law around it and what your legal options are going forward. Thankfully, Brave Law Center, P.C. has the defense lawyers you require to walk you through the process.

What You Need to Know

Much of what you’ll be charged with is based on the amount or value of what was stolen. Depending on the value of the said property, you can contend with potentially steep fines and jail time.

  • Fines
    • The fines for larceny crimes stay relatively the same. For a class A misdemeanor, you’ll be required to pay up to $2,500 for each charge. However, every felony charge can have you paying up to $25K in penalty fees. A judge will determine the exact amount of what you’ll have to pay, plus restitution for lost finances concerning the crime.
  • Jailtime
    • Not every theft charge will result in jail time. However, it’s essential to know that every level of larceny in Pekin IL comes with minimum and maximum sentencing options. For example, a class A misdemeanor can have you serving up to a year in prison. However, once you get into felony territory, that minimum ranges from 1 to 6 years, and the maximum from 3 to 30 years.
  • What’s Covered
    • Depending on where you live, theft and larceny can have two different meanings. However, under Illinois law, they are synonymous with each other. This means larceny charges cover more than physical belongings. For example, you can be charged with stealing money, possessions, real estate, labor, services, pets, etc. Essentially, anything that has value to the owner is covered under larceny charges.

Why Do You Need an Attorney?

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We all make mistakes. However, one mistake shouldn’t ruin your life. And often, larceny charges have the potential to derail your goals or ambitions. And that’s why Brave Law Center will fight for you. We go over your case to negotiate down sentencing or charges. Or, if you believe you were wrongly accused of your crime, we build a strong defense case and will represent you in court. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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