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Brave Law lawyers specialize in family law and can guide you through the process of divorce mediation in Canton IL. We can help you by explaining your legal rights. Also, our family law attorney can advise you on the strength of your position during negotiations. Here are a few other ways how our lawyer can assist you with divorce mediation:

  • Provide an explanation of the procedures and rules of divorce mediation.
  • Assistance with selection of a mediator if one is not appointed by a court.
  • Prepare you for mediation.
  • Counsel you about whether to accept potential settlements.
  • Review a proposed settlement to point out potential problems or find excluded details.
  • Draft legal divorce documents for you if you reach a settlement through mediation.

Brave Law lawyers Jason B. Netzley, Amanda K. Stanley, and Christopher A. Nelson have helped countless individuals with family law matters. They have a successful track record of helping their clients achieve the best possible outcomes for their legal concerns. In fact, many of our clients recommend our legal services with 5-star reviews. Contact us today if you need assistance with the divorce process.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Many couples choose to settle their differences in an informal and private way out of court with divorce mediation in Canton IL. A mediator works to help a couple reach a divorce settlement through a negotiation process. Unlike a judge, a mediator will not make a ruling on which party wins or loses their case. Instead, mediators help the couple to reach common ground and create a solution that works for both parties. The most common issues negotiated during the mediation process include:

What to Expect with the Divorce Mediation Process

A mediator can use flexibility and adapt the process to the needs of the couple with divorce mediation in Canton IL. At times, a court can order couples involved in litigation to attempt mediation to resolve their differences before a trial. On the other hand, some couples may first try to use a mediator before involving the court system. In either instance, you can significantly benefit with the help of lawyer during the mediation process. Here are a few ways how local lawyers can benefit you during mediation:

  • A Faster Process – An attorney can provide a mediator with all the necessary information to expedite negotiations. Without an attorney involved, the couples will need to take time to gather all the relevant financial data and testimony from appraisers and accountants themselves. This can greatly delay the time it takes to come to a divorce settlement.
  • Experienced Legal Counsel – An attorney can use their extensive legal knowledge and experience to tell you how strong your position is. Advice from your lawyer can prevent you from making concessions during the negotiations that lead to a less favorable settlement for you.
  • Drafting and Reviewing Legal Documents – An attorney can draft your divorce paperwork to make sure no details are excluded that could cause further arguments down the road. Also, a lawyer can review proposed settlements to give you advice on any potential problems.
Divorce Mediation Canton IL

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Brave Law attorneys can ensure that you get a fair deal on a settlement reached through divorce mediation in Canton IL. Request a Request Reservation now to discuss the circumstances surrounding your impending divorce. We specialize in family law and can help with mediation as well as contested divorces, child custody, estate planning, wills, trusts, and real estate. Call our Fulton County office at 309-547-3516 for more information about our firm or our practice areas.

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