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Avoid feeling overwhelmed if a loved one passes and you need help understanding probate law in Dunlap IL. Attorney Jason Netzley from Brave Law Center specializes in estate planning, wills, trusts, and probate law. If you are an estate executor, there are many duties and responsibilities that you may struggle to handle with the grief you are feeling. Our probate attorney can help you with the following probate matters:

  • Authenticating the decedent’s will
  • Getting identification, location, and valuation of estate assets
  • Locating legal heirs if the decedent did not leave a will
  • Litigating any challenges to a will
  • Dealings with creditors who file claims against the will
  • Ensuring that taxes owed by the estate get paid

Consult with Brave Law if you need more information about the probate process and what to expect. We understand you may have plenty of questions regarding probate. Therefore, we encourage you to Request Reservation to discuss the circumstances of your case. Our experienced probate attorney can guide you every step of the way to help you avoid complications with the process.

Avoid Tax Mistakes

The overall value of estates can significantly diminish if applicable federal and state taxes do not get calculated correctly. Federal gift and estate taxes as well as Illinois state estate taxes must be paid as the estate passes to heirs. Any mistakes can cause costly penalties that can impact the amount of the estate that heirs receive. Take steps to avoid any taxation problems during the probate process. Contact Brave Law for assistance with estate taxes and probate law in Dunlap IL.

Ensure Assets Get Handled Properly

A first-time estate executor may not understand what to do or how to handle assets within the estate. Securing assets within the estate is one of the first and most important roles for an executor. However, securing an asset can involve different steps depending on the particular asset involved. For instance, financial accounts require much different handling than securing and providing for upkeep of real estate. A probate attorney from Brave Law can help you secure and handle assets properly. Call now to discuss your circumstances involving probate law in Dunlap IL.

Probate Law Dunlap IL

Make Sure Creditors Get Handled Properly

Failing to deal with creditors properly during the probate process can also greatly diminish the value of the estate. All creditors must receive notification that the estate is in the probate process. Executors can personally notify known creditors. However, unknown creditors must receive notification through publication in a local newspaper. Plus, the probate process must remain open for a specified period of time to allow creditors to file claims against the estate. Any mistakes with creditors can make executors liable for debts owed or get additional fees applied against the estate. Brave Law can help you with estate creditors. Schedule a consultation now to discuss probate law in Dunlap IL.

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Get the help you need to avoid common mistakes executors make from the Brave Law Center. We specialize in probate law in Dunlap IL. Give us a call now at
309-228-9136 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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