Trusts Peoria County IL

Trusts Peoria County IL

Lawyers Who Specialize in Wills and Trusts in Peoria County IL

A Brave Law Center attorney can help you with preparation of wills or trusts in Peoria County IL. Because you worked hard for many years, it is only natural that you want to control how your assets get divided.
Brave Law Center, P.C. aids clients with all matters concerning estate planning, including wills and trusts. So, you can get the help you need to ensure that your estate will be handled as you wish. Our experienced legal team can make sure there are no mistakes when you pass property to your heirs. Make sure to consult with an attorney from Brave Law so you can feel confident that your assets get handled with care.

Attorney Jason B. Netzley has helped clients prepare wills and trusts for many years. The five-star reviews over 86% of our clients provide attest to his expertise and track record for success. He can prepare the legal documents you need to make sure your belongings and property get divided according to your plans. For a Request Reservation, contact Brave Law Center online or give our firm a call today at 309-228-9135.

Attorneys Who Help You Understand the Purpose of Trusts

One of the first things a Brave Law attorney can do is explain to you the benefits of trusts in Peoria County IL. In establishing a trust, you (the trustor) start a fiduciary relationship that allows you to choose another party (the trustee) to hold property or assets on behalf of beneficiaries of your estate. Trusts set up a framework to clearly state your wishes regarding how your assets get divided. However, trusts stay private. So, they do not require the sort of lengthy probate process that wills do. There are several types of trusts, including:

  • Living Trusts – Any assets placed in the trust can be accessed and used to the trustor’s benefit throughout their lifetime. Upon the trustor’s death, the trust then transfers to the inheriting trustee, where it becomes their responsibility to carry out a trustor’s wishes (as stated in the trust).
  • Revocable Trusts – The trustor gets the power to amend or end the trust at any point in their lifetime. The trust then goes through the same process as a living or irrevocable trust after the trustor’s death.
  • Irrevocable Trusts – These trusts act in an opposite fashion of revocable trusts. Once irrevocable trusts get created, they cannot be changed. Plus, they cannot get revoked when the trustor dies.

Lawyers Who Explain the Benefits of Establishing a Trust

Our firm can help you understand the benefits of establishing trusts in Peoria County IL. A living trust allows for lifetime and after-death property management. If you make yourself the trustee, the trust will declare a successor upon your incapacitation or death. As a result, trusts avoid court intervention. Therefore, trusts provide clients who consider probate proceedings to be a lengthy hassle with an option to avoid the process. In addition, trusts deliver the following benefits as compared to a will:

  • Property passes to your heirs without going through probate. As a result, this creates a faster distribution than a will and protects the privacy of your estate.
  • Also, you can avoid probate proceedings in multiple states if you own property in different locations. A will would likely require probate proceedings in each state.

Finally, trusts start as soon as they are established. So, you can create direction on end-of-life directives or guardianship of your children if you become unable to care for yourself and others.

Trusts Peoria County IL

Consult with Us about Trusts in Peoria County IL

You spent a lifetime acquiring wealth, important possessions, and property. If you fail to make your wishes known about how those valuables get divided, it can create harsh feelings in your family. Plus, it can create added stress for your heirs by imposing a lengthy probate process. However, you can avoid those issues by consulting with Brave Law for help with trusts in Peoria County IL. Call now at 309-228-9135 or contact us online to schedule a Request Reservation.

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