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Why Everyone Needs Estate Planning in Peoria County IL

Even if you are not wealthy, you need an experienced attorney to help you with estate planning in Peoria County IL. No matter if you own real estate or not, your estate includes things of value. The valuables you have spent your life acquiring make up your estate. Thus, estate planning assures that those valuables will get handled according to your wishes when you are not there to make decisions about them. Without a plan, your wealth will typically get left to the judgment of a probate court. That will require a lengthy, expensive, and very public process. Plus, a judge will make the ultimate decisions about the distribution of your wealth. Often, estates without a plan in place cause disputes within a family that can irreparably damage relationships between your loved ones.

However, you can avoid a lengthy probate process and potential family disputes with estate planning help from Brave Law. Give us a call at 309-228-9254 or contact us online to discuss your estate. The 5-star reviews we receive from more than 86 percent of our clients speak to our results.

What to Expect with Our Estate Planning in Peoria County IL

Our attorneys can help you with much more than just the preparation of a last will and testament. We specialize in creating living trusts, too. In addition, we can also help provide you with strategies to help your beneficiaries avoid estate taxes. Consequently, a Brave Law attorney can ensure that your wealth goes to loved ones instead of creditors and tax collectors. Plus, we can:

  • Designate who you want to take care of your affairs if you should ever become mentally incapacitated by drafting powers of attorney and health care directives.
  • Grant someone you trust the ability to make decisions for you if you become unable to make them yourself by drafting powers of attorney.
  • Assign an agent to act upon your wishes concerning your healthcare if you are ever incapacitated by drafting health care directives.
Estate Planning Peoria County IL

Plan for the Future of Your Loved Ones

Nobody likes to talk about their own death. We know you also do not like to think about being unable to make decisions for yourself. However, you need to have those tough discussions now before your family can get caught off-guard. They will not be unprepared if you pass on or suffer a debilitating injury that renders you incapacitated without a plan in place. Do not let sort of disaster happen. Our estate planning attorneys can help you create a plan. If you change your mind, you can always change your plan. Contact Brave Law today to get some peace of mind and help with estate planning in Peoria County IL.

Contact Us for Estate Planning in Peoria County IL

Take care of your family if disaster strikes by consulting with Brave Law for comprehensive estate planning in Peoria County IL. Let our team assist you. We can draft all the legal documents you need to make sure your wealth gets distributed the way it should. Call us now at 309-228-9254 to discuss your circumstances. In addition, you can also contact us online to request a consultation.

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