Parenting Time Pekin IL

What Is Parenting Time in Pekin IL?

An important consideration in child custody decisions by Tazewell County courts is referred to as parenting time in Pekin IL. Essentially, parenting time is the time parents spend interacting and living with their children. Here are some key aspects that go into the rights and responsibilities a parent has in spending time with their child while going through and following the divorce process:

Parenting Time Pekin IL
  • Allocation of Parental Responsibilities
  • Parenting Plan Approval
  • Creating an Effective Parenting Plan

The Brave Law Center, P.C. can provide you with an experienced family law attorney to discuss the specific laws and guidelines concerning parenting time in Pekin IL. We have provided counsel and representation to countless parents throughout Tazewell County IL, Peoria County IL, and Fulton County IL. Email us at today to request a reservation to discuss your questions about parenting time, child custody, divorce, or other family law matters.

How Are Parental Responsibilities Allocated?

There are many factors that go into a court’s decision on how to allocate parental responsibilities when it comes to parenting time in Pekin IL. Courts place a priority on the best interests of the child when making determinations. These decisions directly involve the child’s education, lifestyle, healthcare, and daily routine. With that in mind, here are some of the important considerations that courts weigh when considering allocation of parental responsibilities:

  • Encouragement and Cooperation – This involves the ability and willingness of each parent to maintain a close relationship with the child and the other parent.
  • The Wishes of the Parents and Child – The court considers the child’s preferences and the wishes of the parents involved.
  • Needs and Health – The court also weighs the physical and mental health of the parents and child as well as the distances to travel between both parental households.
  • Prior Caretaking Roles – The amount of time each parent spent caring for the child in the previous 24 months before the petition or the child’s birth is also considered.
  • Adjustment and Interaction – How the child adjusts to their community, home, and school as well as their parents, siblings, and other important figures in their lives is also considered.
  • Safety and Abuse History – The court also considers whether there is any history of violence, neglect, abuse, threats directed against the child or other household members by the parents or other people in their households.

How Do You Gain Approval of a Parenting Plan?

You can simplify the process of gaining approval of a parenting plan by consulting with a family attorney from Brave Law Center, P.C. We can guide you through all aspects and considerations involved with parenting time in Pekin IL. Here is an overview of the steps involved in gaining approval of a parenting plan:

  • Filing a Parenting Plan
    • Each parent must file a parenting plan with the court within 120 days of making a request for parental responsibilities.
    • Parents can both sign and submit a joint plan if they come to an agreement on a parenting plan.
    • If they cannot come to an agreement, then each parent must file their own plan.
  • Court Review
    • The court will review the plans to make sure they align with the best interests of the child involved.
    • If the parents have filed a joint plan, the court will likely approve it.
    • Meanwhile, the court will consider elements from both plans filed by parents who did not reach an agreement before issuing a final order.

How Do You Create an Effective Parenting Plan?

If you need help creating an effective parenting plan, consult with an experienced family law lawyer from Brave Law Center, P.C. We can use years of experience with cases like yours to suggest the best outcome for your situation. Here are some key steps that go into making a successful parenting plan:

  • Cover the Essentials – An effective parenting plan provides an outline for parental rights, including decision-making roles, visitation, and custody.
  • Create a Personalized Plan – Make sure to include personal information about how both parents will make their co-parenting relationship work.
  • Declare Decision-Making Roles – The plan should clearly define how significant decisions about the child’s schooling, faith, lifestyle, and health will be made.
  • Make Parenting Schedules
    • Each parent should create their own calendar for when they have parenting time in Pekin IL.
    • This schedule should include custody rights for significant days such as birthdays, holidays, important family days, vacations, and church worship days.
    • Another important aspect that should be addressed is which parent is responsible for transportation arrangements for child custody exchanges.
Parenting Time Pekin IL

Have Questions about Parenting Time in Pekin IL?

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