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Do What’s Right for Your Children: Hire a Child Custody Attorney for Pekin IL

There’s a lot to consider regarding your children before or after a divorce. For example, how much should child support be, where will your child live, what do your children prefer, etc.? And for any child custody battle, it’s important to do what’s best for your kids. Thus, you need the help of a child custody attorney for Pekin IL, like Brave Law Center, P.C.

Led by Attorney Jason B. Netzley, Brave Law Center has served the Greater Peoria Area for numerous years. And when it comes to family law, our law firm has incredible experience and success. From dividing assets in a divorce to settling visitation rights for your children, we can help reach a positive outcome for your case.

Different Custody Agreements

No two child custody cases are the same. However, our team will help you work through the process to reach an agreement that is fair to you and your children.

  • Physical Custody – As the name implies, physical custody is when the parent has the right to have their children live with them. This means there is one parent with who the child spends most of the time. Through visitation agreements, the other parent has a right to see their child in the off-times.
  • Legal Custody – Apart from physical custody, legal custody is the parents’ right to determine a child’s upbringing. For example, where they go to school, what extra-curricular events they can participate in, etc. A court can determine if one parent gets to make all these decisions or if both parents must agree on decisions related to their children.
  • Joint Custody – There can be variations on physical and legal custody, for which parent has what rights. However, joint custody is when children’s living arrangements and upbringing decisions are evenly split between both parents. For couples who separate on amicable terms, this can be the best option.
  • Sole Custody – If there is a severe problem with allowing the other parent to have any rights over their children (i.e., abuse, abandonment), a court can grant sole custody. Sole custody means one parent has all say over a child, and there can be legal consequences involved if the other parent tries to infringe on those rights.
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Additional Legal Services

Brave Law Center isn’t only a child custody attorney for Pekin IL. Our legal team covers additional areas of family law, including divorce, visitation rights, adoption, and child support. Also, outside of family law, our team handles such practices as:

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