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Divorce, Adoption and More: Find a Family Law Attorney for Lewiston IL

The legal needs of individuals reach well beyond criminal cases and breaking the law. Even families require legal assistance or representation from time to time. And through your family law attorney for Lewiston IL, you can resolve legal issues stemming from relationships, guardianship, abuse and more. Talk with Brave Law Center, P.C. for help navigating the intricacies of Illinois family law.

What Does Family Law Entail?

Divorce is the most common legal service associated with family law. However, family law covers more than legal separations, delving into matters of child support, adoption, alimony and more. For example, family law entails:

  • Divorce Not everything lasts forever, relationships included. However, to ensure a legal separation is fair to all parties involved, it’s best to find a divorce attorney to oversee proceedings. We act as a neutral party in a divorce, helping with the division of assets, allocation of debt, child custody disputes, etc.
  • Annulment – Although an annulment serves the same functional purpose as a divorce, it goes further by legally erasing a marriage. Annulments aren’t typically used for “relationship disputes.” Instead, common grounds for an annulment include bigamy, fraud, mental incapacity, incestuous relationships, fraud and other reasons.
  • Child Custody Whether the result of a divorce or an agreement between you and another parent, child custody is a legal matter that a judge must sometimes resolve. As such, your attorney will assist with cases involving child support payments, visitation rights, guardianship disputes, or enforcement of previously agreed upon custody terms.
  • Adoption – If you’re interested in adoption, you’ll quickly discover that the adoption process can be legally intricate and take significant time to implement. Thankfully, a family law attorney for Lewiston IL will help you organize the proper method of adoption and overcome potential legal hurdles.
  • Abuse – If living under circumstances where you or your children are mentally, physically, or sexually abused by another family member, reach out to Brave Law Center ASAP. We will help you take necessary legal action to remove you from such a living environment and protect you and your children’s well-being.

Additional Legal Services

Family Law Attorney in Lewiston IL

Outside of family law, there are various legal services you or your family may require throughout your life. As such, Brave Law Center works to meet clients’ legal needs throughout Central Illinois. Jason B. Netzley and his team can provide legal guidance and support for matters involving:

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