Guardianship Attorney Pekin IL

When to Hire a Guardianship Attorney in Pekin IL

If you are looking to establish guardianship of a loved one, you can get step-by-step instructions from Brave Law’s experienced guardianship attorney in Pekin IL. The legal processes involved with becoming a guardian can become complicated. Plus, you may not understand all the rights and responsibilities being granted to you as a legal guardian. With that in mind, you can benefit from hiring Brave Law guardianship attorney Amanda K. Stanley. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of guardianship laws and procedures, Amanda can advise you on how to find the best outcome for your situation. Contact Brave Law now to arrange for a free consultation.

Guardianship Attorney Pekin IL

Learn Valid Reasons for Claiming Guardianship

Certain factors must exist for you to be able to establish guardianship under Illinois law. You can get the information you need on these requirements by consulting with our guardianship attorney in Pekin IL. Here is a summary of the most common reasons to establish guardianship:

  • Care Decisions – If your loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, they may no longer be able to make decisions on end-of-life care. In that instance, you can seek guardianship to make decisions on their behalf.
  • Abuse or Exploitation – If there is proof your loved one is being abused or exploited, you can seek guardianship to protect their safety and their interests.
  • Physical Incapacitation – You can seek guardianship if a physical disability or incapacitation occurs that prevents them from being able to make decisions.
  • Mental Incapacitation – Also, you can file for guardianship if mental illness or incapacitation renders your loved one unable to make decisions.

Find Need Help Preparing a Petition

You can get help with the first step in becoming a legal guardian with our guardianship attorney in Pekin IL. Our qualified attorney can prepare and file your petition for guardianship with the court. Preparing the petition in accordance with legal requirements is not an easy task on your own. So, you can simplify the process by relying on our lawyer to make the petition and represent you in the court hearing.

Assistance with Collecting and Presenting Evidence

The next step in establishing guardianship is proving that you are a suitable guardian to the court. For advice on the kinds of evidence you need, you should speak with our guardianship attorney in Pekin IL. Our team can help you prepare a report on the financial assets of the ward, gather medical records, certifications from doctors, or any other information required under Illinois laws. Most importantly, we interview witnesses, gather compelling evidence, and present the best possible case for you in the hearing.

Get Explanations of Guardianship Laws

It is important to understand all the relevant laws regarding guardianship before attempting the process. In fact, some people simply are not eligible to file for guardianship. You can find out if you meet eligibility requirements by speaking with our guardianship attorney in Pekin IL. Our firm can provide you with accurate and honest information about how guardianship laws apply to your situation. In addition, we will provide you with the best legal options to help you reach your goals.

 Guardianship Attorney Pekin IL

Contact Our Local Guardianship Attorney

Get the legal advice, counsel, and representation you need to establish guardianship from the Brave Law Center. Our firm specializes in guardianship cases as well as adoption, child custody, divorce, and other aspects of family law. So, schedule your consultation today by calling 309-685-7900 or by emailing

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