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Criminal defense is one of the areas of law our Central Illinois law firm specializes in. From DUIs to traffic violations, our firm is here for you. Beginning with your complimentary consultation, we’ll hear what you have to say and determine the way forward for your case. Brave Law has offices in three convenient locations to serve you: Lewistown, Peoria and Eureka. Give us a call today to begin the conversation with the criminal defense attorney Morton IL calls.

A Wealth of Experience

At Brave Law, our attorneys draw on their deep well of experience while working on your unique case. Their varied backgrounds include time with the Peoria County State Attorney’s Office, assistant prosecutor for Woodford County and the Civil Practice Clinic. Whether it’s a first offense traffic violation or a repeat offense DUI, we’re equipped to help you. Whatever the specific details of your case may be, our experienced and dedicated team would be honored to represent you. Our staff of paralegals and legal assistants are also here to support you throughout the process of your criminal defense case.

Representing Central Illinois

Our attorneys and staff have a solid understanding of the different types of criminal charges in the State of Illinois. They know the ins and outs of felonies and misdemeanors and will provide you with sound advice no matter what kind of charge you are currently facing. Our legal team also shares a wealth of knowledge regarding DUIs, driver’s license reinstatement and traffic violations. Whether you live in Peoria, East Peoria, Pekin, Bloomington or the surrounding areas, Brave Law is here for you.

Offering Request Reservations

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If you find yourself being faced with criminal charges, remember that you have the right to speak with an attorney. Give our office a call to book your Request Reservation today. We can also do your complimentary consultation right over the phone, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are available via email as well and will be in touch with you as soon as possible. In addition to providing reliable criminal defense, we also represent clients in family law, estate planning and real estate cases. We take great pride in the work that we do, helping people through challenging times in their lives.

Contact Us

With offices located in Peoria, Eureka and Lewistown, our law firm is standing by and ready to stand up for you in court. We invite you to give us a call today to get your Request Reservation with us on the books so we can hear the details of your case and determine a path forward that works for you. Our number is (309)228-9254, or you can visit our contact page to send a message through our website. We look forward to speaking with you soon to connect you with the criminal defense attorney Morton IL calls.

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Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL


Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL