Criminal Attorney Eureka IL

Criminal Attorney Eureka IL

Rely on Brave Law For a Criminal Attorney Eureka IL Knows and Trusts

Coming up against a criminal charge can be scary. We understand this time is rife with confusion and frustration. To whom can you turn? Brave Law Center, P.C. is the answer. Calling us as soon as you face suspicion or are charged with a crime is imperative. So, be sure to pick up the phone and get in touch. Our team of tenacious lawyers possesses experience in everything from misdemeanors to felonies. We start every consultation with a meeting to discuss the facts of your case. This is when we will advise you of all possible outcomes and discuss strategy going forward. Get peace of mind knowing we have the answers to questions regarding your felony or misdemeanor charge. That’s why you need to call Brave Law for a criminal attorney Eureka IL knows and trusts.

Working with you every step of the way, our team will complete all the necessary documentation. Lawyers Jason Netzley and Amanda Stanley oversee all cases and make sure your case is expedited.

What We Do in Eureka

There is no aspect of criminal law we don’t handle. We offer legal advice and representation for the following areas of expertise:

Criminal Attorney Eureka ILIllinois law can be pretty stiff for those faced with a crime. We know every facet of those ever-changing laws, delivering top-notch experience to get desired results. Keep in mind, if you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you could get punished with jail time from as little as 30 days to more than 90 years. Are you prepared to do it alone or by hiring a cheap attorney? If so, retaining reputable, experienced legal counsel could mean the difference between a fine, probation and hard time.

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Brave Law is your source for never-back-down legal counsel and advice. Call us as soon as you can at (309) 685-7900 for your free consultation. You can also send us a message online or email us at

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Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL


Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL