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A Secure Choice of Criminal Defense Attorney in Washington IL

Whether it’s your first time being accused of a crime, or you’ve dealt with the law before, you need representation from an experienced attorney. Every criminal case is unique, and even for an educated individual, it can be near impossible to represent yourself successfully. Thankfully, you can find a criminal defense attorney Washington IL locals use to improve their chances of a successful case outcome. Allow Brave Law Center, P.C. to be your legal advisor through this challenging time in your life.

Jason B. Netzley and his team of lawyers have the experience you look for when determining a criminal defense attorney to use. Both in and out of the courtroom, the attorneys at Brave Law Center have dealt with numerous criminal cases over the years. From traffic violations to felonies and any crime in between, we have represented clients just like yourself. It can be easy to get in trouble but difficult to find a way out. Allow Brave Law Center, P.C. to improve your odds through every means possible.

How an Attorney Can Help Your Case

Even with representation from a private attorney, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to convince a judge or jury of your innocence. However, a criminal defense lawyer will assist you by making sure you understand the charges against you and the case going forward. Furthermore, our attorneys can increase your chances of achieving a more favorable outcome in your case.

  • Finding the Flaws
    • Not every criminal investigation is done correctly or fairly. In such cases where there are inconsistencies in your case, it’s our job to point them out. Thus, finding the varying arguments, factors or key points of evidence can help to reduce your punishment. Or, in rare instances, an attorney can have your case thrown out due to poor handling on the part of law enforcement, investigators and the prosecutors.
  • Negotiating Better Terms
    • Even if you aren’t entirely innocent of your crimes, it doesn’t mean you deserve the punishment a prosecutor is trying to push on you. However, without the right representation, you have little choice but to accept any punishment given. Instead, if you choose to hire a criminal defense attorney, we can negotiate on your behalf. In many cases, we can reach a plea bargain, either reducing your sentence or dropping charges brought against you.
  • Proving Your Innocence
    • If you believe you were falsely accused of a crime, a criminal defense attorney is necessary for your case. We work to gather evidence, testimony, police reports and more, all helping to exonerate you. Additionally, we work closely with the judge on your case and help to pick out a fair and impartial jury for your trial. If you want the best chance at proving your innocence, you need the best legal representation possible.

Bring Your Cases to Brave

Brave Law Center, P.C. represents hundreds of different criminal cases each year. As a criminal defense attorney for Washington IL with experience, you can count on the quality of service we provide with each case. For example, our portfolio of cases includes:

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  • Traffic Violations – Speeding tickets, running red lights, parking tickets and other violations are all part of what we can help you contest in court.
  • DUIs – A DUI is considered a more serious traffic violation, with stricter fines and penalties. We can help to potentially minimize charges, reduce fines, keep your license, etc.
  • Misdemeanors – We can assist in reducing or eliminating jail time for crimes such as possession of drugs, theft, aggravated assault and other minor infractions.
  • Felonies – For more severe crimes, we can help to reduce sentencing or potentially prove your innocence. These crimes can include arson, burglary, animal cruelty, manslaughter and others.

Call Your Local Attorney

Whether guilty or innocent, you have a right to a fair trial and appropriate sentencing. And a criminal defense attorney for Washington IL can ensure everything meets the correct legal standards. To schedule a Request Reservation about your case, Call Brave Law Center, P.C. today at 309-228-9251. Also, our main office is located at 330 NE Perry Ave, Peoria, IL 61603.

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