Child Custody Attorney Peoria County IL

Child Custody Attorney Peoria County IL

Do I Need a Child Custody Attorney in Peoria County IL?

Brave Law provides the representation you need to protect your family with an experienced child custody attorney in Peoria County IL. Give us a call today at 309-228-9254 to learn more about child custody legal concerns or to modify a child custody agreement.

Child custody disputes often create some of the most contentious situations during a divorce. All parties involved experience stress and intense emotions in a child custody case. However, you can take a step toward minimizing the emotional toll the divorce takes on you and your children by hiring a child custody attorney in Peoria County IL. The Brave Law Center can offer the legal guidance and strategic planning you need to realize your child custody goals.

Our law firm uses years of experience to help individuals and families resolve many complex situations involving family law. In fact, we lend our legal acumen to cases involving juvenile law, adoptions, marriage dissolution, divorce mediation, estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, and child custody. So, contact us today for the legal assistance you need to defend the best interests of your family.

Why Choose a Brave Law Child Custody Attorney in Peoria County IL?

Jason B. Netzley is an experienced and respected child custody attorney in Peoria County IL. Furthermore, Brave Law puts your family first in all legal decisions and serves as a child-first advocate. In addition, we simplify difficult-to-understand legal processes and jargon to enact strategies that you understand and agree to use. We will work closely with you to understand and pursue your goals. Most importantly, we can act swiftly in the case of emergencies by assisting with protective orders.

Professional Legal Counsel Improves Your Child Custody Case

You have a lot to lose if you are a parent considering whether you need a child custody attorney. For that reason, you should avoid risking your child’s future and your relationship with your child with legal self-representation. You have enough stress on your plate already with a divorce that involves a child custody battle. So, hire an attorney who can protect you and your child’s best interests with legal guidance. The Brave Law team understands how judges make child custody decisions. Thus, we will use our experience in these matters to achieve your case goals and help you navigate difficult emotions.

Can I Modify a Child Custody Agreement?

Once a court gives a child custody order, both parties must obey its provisions. You risk being charged with contempt of court if you fail to obey the child custody agreement. As a result, you could face financial penalties as well as possible jail time. However, Brave Law can assist you if you want to make a request to the court to modify the child custody agreement.

The court will only grant a modification if it benefits the child and there is a substantial change in circumstances from the time when the court put the agreement in place. Since this is a complicated process, you should contact Brave Law to get assistance from an experienced child custody attorney.

Contact a Trusted Child Custody Attorney in Peoria County IL

The Brave Law team cares about you and your case. We want to know how we can serve you as your child custody attorney. Please give us a call at 309-228-9254 to discuss your circumstances and goals. If you prefer, you can also ask for assistance online through our website’s contact form. Visit the Brave Law Center today at 330 NE Perry Avenue, Peoria IL, to arrange for a Request Reservation.

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