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The Brave Law Center can help if you are searching for ways to simply the adoption process with a top-rated adoption attorney near you in Peoria IL. Adoptions involve a complex, and lengthy legal process with several laws, regulations, and parties involved. Brave Law adoption attorney Amanda K. Stanley has helped countless clients navigate the complexities of the law involving the adoption process. No matter the circumstances of your case, she has the experience and legal acumen it takes to guide you. She can lead you step-by-step through the adoption process and help you with the following:

Adoption Attorney Near You
  • Preparing and Filing Legal Documents – Amanda can take care of the necessary paperwork including the petition for adoption, consent forms, and other required documents.
  • Legal Representation – Amanda will represent you during each court appearance.
  • Negotiation – She will protect your rights and help you negotiate the conditions and terms of the adoption with an adoption agency and birth parents.
  • Mediation – We can also help you settle any disputes.

Families form in all kinds of ways. If you need help completing yours, contact Brave Law today!

What Can an Adoption Attorney Do for Me?

If you have never been through the adoption process, you may not realize all the steps and legal requirements involved. You can receive an explanation of all the necessary laws and requirements from an adoption attorney near you in Peoria IL. Brave Law adoption attorney Amanda K. Stanley can handle the following duties for you.

  • Amanda ensures you are complying with all laws and regulations in your adoption process.
  • She can prepare and file all the necessary legal documents involved with the adoption.
  • Amanda can also assist you with finding the right adoption agency or private adoption.
  • She supports you through the emotional process and represents you during all required court proceedings.
  • Amanda can negotiate in your best interests with birth parents and adoption agencies.
  • She can also resolve any disputes through the mediation process.
  • Most importantly, she will do everything she can for you to lawfully facilitate the adoption.

When Can an Adoption Attorney Help Me?

There is more than one way to build a family. As a result, there are all kinds of scenarios, situations, and clients who can benefit from services provided by an adoption attorney near you in Peoria IL. Here are some examples of the clients who can get the help they need from Brave Law.

  • Birth Mothers – We can help you with the difficult decision of placing your baby for adoption.
  • Foster Parents – There are over 15,000 children in the Illinois foster care system. Brave Law can help you provide a permanent home to a deserving child.
  • Relatives – Has a child related to you lost both their parents and been placed in foster care? Brave Law can help you petition for legal rights to your family member.
  • Stepparents – There are significant benefits for stepparents to gain legal parental rights. When it comes to medical emergencies, you cannot sign off on an emergency surgery unless you gain parental rights through adoption.
  • Co-parents – Whether your family plans to have a mom and a dad, two dads, or two moms, you can make sure each parent has parental rights with this adoption process.
  • Adopting a child from another state or country – There are different laws involved if you are interested in adopting a child from another state or a foreign country. Brave Law can explain those regulations and guide you through the process.
Adoption Attorney Near You

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If you are looking for legal help from an adoption attorney near you in Peoria IL, get Brave Law. Our experienced adoption attorney Amanda K. Stanley can simplify the process for you. . In addition to adoption, we also handle family law matters such as divorce, child custody, estate planning, wills, and trusts. Our firm also can help if you need a criminal defense attorney, a probate lawyer, or a real estate attorney. Contact us online or call 309-685-7900 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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