5 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Divorce

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Divorce

No one’s ever said divorce is “easy.” While uncontested divorces go more smoothly than others, the standard divorce process can become a complicated and drawn-out legal proceeding. And if you’re not careful, the way you go about your separation can further complicate the process! Mistakes made throughout divorce proceedings can bring financial hardships and legal troubles for all parties involved. Thus, it’s crucial to make sure your divorce progresses with as few mistakes as possible. At Brave Law Center, we understand what it takes to finalize a divorce successfully. To ensure your separation goes off without a hitch, here are some common mistakes you would do best to avoid:

Letting Your Emotions Control You

No matter how you look at it, a divorce is an emotional time for everyone involved. Tempers can flare, disagreements are likely, and your patience might be pushed to its limit. However, even when feeling your lowest, you should not let your emotions influence the decisions you make while finalizing your separation. If you act out on your emotions, it can jeopardize your side of settlement negotiations. Your spouse’s attorneys can use anything you say or do as a reason to object to custody arrangements, amend alimony terms, etc. Having an attorney allows you to make decisions objectively and without the influence of your emotions.

Not Paying Attention to Documentation

Yes, paperwork is also necessary for your divorce. Like any legal process, there are legal documents and agreements that must be drawn up and signed. Thus, it’s crucial that you have your divorce paperwork completed and done so correctly. Having an attorney go over all separation documents ensures mistakes aren’t made, and your site of an agreement is being accurately portrayed. Otherwise, you risk losing more in the division of assets than you might expect. Additionally, you shouldn’t forget about amending documents related to your will and estate planning. Forgetting to do so can result in some potentially ugly legal battles for inheritors of your estate.

Engaging in New Relationships

We understand all couples have their reasons for wanting a divorce. And at Brave Law Center, there’s no judgment as to why you might desire a separation. We’ve seen and dealt with it all during our years facilitating separation arrangements. However, if your divorce results from a new relationship, do your best to refrain from engaging with others on such an intimate level until your divorce is complete. A new relationship can be used against you in divorce proceedings. For example, intimate entanglements with those other than your spouse while you’re still married can be enough to argue a fault-based judgment on matters such as child custody. Moreover, your spouse might have less incentive and reason to contribute to divorce proceedings if you’ve chosen to move forward with another relationship.

Taking Advice from Unqualified Sources

It’s common to want to talk with family and friends about your divorce if they’ve gone through the same. Having someone to vent to is understandable! However, when it comes to taking advice on how to handle your divorce from someone other than an attorney, you should avoid doing so. Loved ones will have good intentions but are likely not well-versed in the intricacies of separation proceedings. Even if they’ve gone through a divorce before, they were likely being advised by a legal professional. Your divorce is a complicated legal process that should only be handled by an experienced family attorney like those at Brave Law Center.

Cutting Off Communication

If your separation is not amicable, not wanting to interact with your spouse makes sense. However, for the sake of divorce proceedings, communication between the two of you is essential. Ultimately, divorce is a two-person process, even if only one of you wants it. Ensuring you keep lines of open communication assists with the speed at which your separation can be finalized. And, if you are still having difficulty talking with your spouse, allow an attorney to do the talking for you. Brave Law can act as the go-between when negotiating settlement terms with your soon-to-be-ex.

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