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Avoid Common Problems with Wills in Dunlap IL

Estate planning services from Brave Law Center can help you avoid the pitfalls of common problems with wills in Dunlap IL. Attorney Jason B. Netzley from Brave Law Center specializes in probate law, estate planning, trusts, and wills. Our attorney can consult with you about your wishes and draft a will with the proper language. Consult with Brave Law Center for help to avoid the following common issues:

  • Failing to change beneficiaries
  • Forgetting to keep wills current
  • Failure to plan for your children
  • Do-it-yourself edits that create hassles for heirs
  • Failing to name an estate executor

Get the guidance and information you need to build an estate plan that protects the best interests of your family from Brave Law. We understand you have plenty of questions about wills, trusts, and probate. Our attorney can provide you with all the answers and help you draft all the legal documents you need. Request a Request Reservation today for assistance with wills in Dunlap IL.

Failure to Change Beneficiaries

Many people do not fully understand how assets with beneficiary designations work as part of wills in Dunlap IL. When you designate a beneficiary for an asset, that designation applies to that specific asset only. It does not apply to any other assets involved in the estate. Therefore, a beneficiary designation is a very specific and limited part of a will. Consequently, you should consider changing language in your will if it too narrowly defines what a certain beneficiary will inherit or if you want to change beneficiaries for a specific asset. If you need help drafting a will, consult with a Brave Law estate planning attorney.

Failure to Update Wills

You need to ensure that your will reflects the changing nature of your relationships as important changes occur in your life. For example, you can create quite a problem for your current spouse if you pass unexpectedly and your will leaves everything to your ex. Meanwhile, a friend you designated a long time ago as an executor of your estate or guardian for your children may no longer be the best person for the job. If you need assistance with updating wills in Dunlap IL, schedule a consultation with Brave Law Center.

Failure to Plan for Your Kids

Many of us do not like to think about our own mortality or incapacitation. However, it is absolutely necessary to name a guardian or plan for the future if you have children. Without clear direction from you, the responsibility to decide who will take care of your children will rest with state law. As a result, your children may end up with relatives you would not have chosen yourself. If that thought upsets you, schedule a consultation with Brave Law. We can help you designate a guardian and with other matters concerning wills in Dunlap IL.

Wills Dunlap IL

Failure to Name an Estate Executor

The passing of a loved one creates emotional and stressful times for family members. If you fail to put someone in charge of your estate, it can lead to even more stress and division in your family. Without direction, the estate may stay in the probate process for longer than necessary. Plus, the courts will need to make decisions if members of your family fight about who should take charge of the estate. If you need help with wills in Dunlap IL, consult with Brave Law attorneys.

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Brave Law Center attorney Jason Netzley can provide the counsel you need about estate planning and wills in Dunlap IL. That way, you can avoid making many common problems that others encounter with wills and the probate process. Fill out our online contact form or call 309-228-9136 to schedule a consultation.

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