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Signs You Need a Guardianship Attorney in Washington IL

There are many times when you could benefit from seeking the advice of a qualified guardianship attorney in Washington IL. If you are caring for a child relative, senior citizen, or mentally or physically disabled person, there are limits to how much you can do for them without being a legal guardian. In certain situations, it is best to get the legal authority you need to make decisions on their behalf as soon as possible. Brave Law Center guardianship attorney Amanda K. Stanley can help you find the best resolution for your case with her years of expertise and knowledge of guardianship laws and legal processes. If you are struggling to find the answers you need, contact the Brave Law Center now to schedule a free consultation to discuss your circumstances.

 Guardianship Washington IL

The Safety of a Ward Is Threatened

Establishing guardianship can help you care for a person with significant medical conditions. If your ward is suffering from cancer, dementia, organ failure, or a disability, they may not realize they are no longer able to make correct decisions on medical treatment. Therefore, the best way to protect the safety of your loved one is to become their legal guardian. If you need to get the power to make decisions on medical care on behalf of someone else, speak with our guardianship attorney in Washington IL.

The Ward Is a Victim of Financial Fraud

Hackers, scammers, and even other relatives can compromise the financial security of your loved ones. Unfortunately, there are many parties nowadays who try to gain from the financial vulnerability of your unsuspecting loved ones. Have you seen odd transactions on a parent’s or grandparent’s bank or credit card account? Has someone opened a line of credit in your loved one’s name or gained access to their money? If so, you need advice from our guardianship attorney in Washington IL.

Your Family Disagrees on Care Decisions

If you do not get along with other family members, you may need to become a guardian to gain the legal authority to make the best medical, housing, and long-term care decisions on behalf of an ailing loved one. In the absence of a power of attorney, an incapacitated person needs someone to make decisions for them. However, delays or complications can occur if family members cannot come to agreement on care or treatment. If you worry about family disagreements delaying care planning for a loved one, you should consult with our guardianship attorney in Washington IL.

There Is a Lack of Planning

A lack of estate planning can cause lots of problems. This can affect caring for elderly, juvenile, or disabled family members. For instance, a child relative who loses their parents without a guardianship plan in place might wind up in the care of an abusive, irresponsible, or selfish relative looking to exploit them. On the other hand, an elderly relative without an estate plan in place needs someone to make decisions in the event of their incapacitation.

 Guardianship Washington IL

Speak with Our Local Guardianship Attorney

Get the legal advice you need to find the best resolution for your situation. Consult with Brave Law’s guardianship attorney in Washington IL. Our firm specializes in guardianship law. We can help with guardianship legal processes as well as adoption, divorce, child custody, and other family law  cases. Email us at or call 309-685-7900 to request a consultation to discuss your case.

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