Family Law Attorney Washington IL

Family Law Attorney Washington IL

Lean on the Family Law Attorney Washington IL Couples Can Come To

No one ever said divorce was easy. And no one goes into marriage thinking the union will end one day. However, the stark reality is that couples split up for a multitude of reasons every single day. The sting of divorce wouldn’t be quite so great if it only involved the dissolution of a couple’s marriage. Many marriages involve children, homes, cars and other property that must be divided up. Filing for divorce is the easy part. It’s all that stuff that comes afterward that’s difficult. You need Brave Law Center P.C. to hold your hand through the process. We know the challenges involved in Illinois family law and we know how to get you what is rightfully yours. Lean on the family law attorney Washington IL couples can come to for help.

Family Law Services in Washington IL

Offering a wide spectrum of family law services led by Attorney Jason B. Netzley, we have assisted countless couples, parents and children in completing marriage dissolutions and custody arrangements. We file paperwork quickly to ensure the process moves forward smoothly. Choose our skilled team to assess the case facts and explore your legal options regarding any of the following:

Family Law Attorney Washington IL
  • Simple Divorce
  • Divorce with Property, Assets and/or Children
  • Child Support
  • Visitation
  • Custody Disputes and Privileges

Working in the best interests of both spouses and children in order to quickly and accurately navigate a divorce, Brave Law Center provides comprehensive legal counsel. From divorce to custody, you can place your trust in one source for assistance. Remember, an experienced family law attorney is an invaluable asset during this trying time. We can help, whether you live in Morton, Washington, Peoria or beyond.

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Call Brave Law for a free initial consultation at 309-213-2216 or email us at Whether you’re going through a cut and dried divorce or one filled with property, assets and kids, our family law attorneys in Washington IL can help.

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