Guardianship Attorney Near You

Searching for a Guardianship Attorney Near You?

The Brave Law Center can help if you are seeking legal advice from an experienced guardianship attorney near you in Peoria IL. Our firm specializes in guardianship cases, and we can identify the best legal options for your situation. The legal process involved with establishing guardianship can get complicated if you try to handle it yourself. With that in mind, you should rely on Brave Law guardianship attorney Amanda K. Stanley to simplify the process. She provides years of experience and thorough knowledge of guardianship laws and their requirements. Request a consultation with Amanda today by emailing or by calling 309-685-7900.

Guardianship Attorney Near You

What Does a Guardianship Attorney Do?

Our guardianship attorney will explain the kinds of personal, medical, and financial decisions you can make as a guardian for your loved one. Plus, the Brave Law team can guide you through the process of becoming a guardian from start to finish. Here is an overview of the assistance our attorney Amanda K. Stanley can offer you.

  • Our guardianship attorney near you in Peoria IL can accurately prepare and file the petition for guardianship to start the process with the court.
  • Next, our lawyer will attend the court hearing and represent you during the proceedings.
  • Along the way, we can identify the right kind of evidence you will need to show the court you are an eligible guardian.
  • Then, we can collect and present the evidence to the court.
  • Most importantly, we make sure that you fulfill all necessary requirements to legally establish guardianship.

Get Help Proving a Valid Reason for Guardianship

Specific conditions must apply your circumstances for you to fit legal requirements to establish guardianship in Illinois. You can find out more information about these requirements by speaking with our guardianship attorney near you in Peoria IL. Here is a summary of the most common reasons to establish guardianship:

  • Abuse or Exploitation – You can pursue guardianship to protect the interests and safety of your loved one if you can prove they face a threat of abuse or exploitation.
  • Care Decisions – If your loved can no longer make decisions on end-of-life care due to a terminal illness, you can seek legal authority to help. In this situation, you can gain guardianship to get the power to make decisions for them.
  • Mental Incapacitation – In addition, you can petition for guardianship if incapacitation or mental illness prevents your loved ones from making decisions.
  • Physical Incapacitation – You can seek guardianship if incapacitation or a physical disability keeps a loved one from being able to make decisions.
Guardianship Attorney Near You

Contact Our Local Guardianship Attorney

Consult with a trusted guardianship attorney to take the steps necessary to protect the interests of your juvenile, elderly, or disabled family member. Rely on the Brave Law Center for the legal counsel you need to navigate the complex legal guardianship process. In addition, we specialize in all aspects of family law including guardianship, adoption, divorce, child custody, and more. So, call 309-685-7900 or email now to receive a free case review.

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