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Dealing with Child Custody in Fulton County IL

For parents, the first part of every divorce has to do with child custody. And unfortunately, child custody is often the most complicated part of any legal separation. Thankfully, some local legal professionals make it their job to understand the intricacies of child custody in Fulton County IL and throughout the state. Brave Law Center, P.C., has numerous years of experience with family law, specifically dealing with child custody cases.

Why Hire a Child Custody Attorney?

As mentioned previously, child custody can quickly become the most complicated part of any divorce proceedings. Having a legal professional be your guide can ensure your child is taken care of and benefits the most in the aftermath of a divorce.

  • Significant Disagreements – Not every parent needs to meet eye-to-eye on everything. However, when concerning your children, decisions must be made in their best interests. And if you feel like you cannot reach a consensus on “what’s best” for your kids, an attorney can step in and assist with negotiations. In extreme scenarios, we can fight for you and your children’s rights in court.
  • Agreement Changes – Perhaps the original agreement for child custody is no longer manageable with a child’s school schedule, a parent’s employment, a location change, etc. If this is the case, the terms of child custody ought to be renegotiated. And the best way to quickly and efficiently reach a new agreement is to have the assistance of a child custody attorney.
  • Extreme Scenarios – If you’re looking for separation and complete custody based on abusive behaviors from the other parent, seek assistance from Brave Law ASAP. Living in an abusive relationship is difficult enough, and having children in such an environment places their safety at risk. Your lawyer will work with you to ensure proper protection from an abusive ex and secure custody for the wellbeing of you and your children.

How Else Can We Help?

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Alongside cases of child custody in Fulton County IL, Brave Law Center dedicates our time and resources to resolving numerous legal matters for our clients. Led by Attorney Jason B. Netzley, Brave Law proudly serves residents of Peoria, East Peoria, Pekin, Bloomington and the surrounding communities with such legal practices as:

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