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Charged with Disorderly Conduct in Lewistown IL? Call Brave Law

Maybe you and your friends were getting too loud and rowdy after a night out? Or perhaps you got into an altercation you should not have? If any of these, or other scenarios, led to your arrest and charges of disorderly conduct in Lewistown IL, you need a reliable defense attorney to back up your case. In other words, you need Brave Law Center, P.C. as your local legal representation. Allow our team to help you reduce or resolve the consequences of disorderly conduct charges.

What to Expect From Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct laws in Illinois and throughout the country focus on public safety and “keeping the peace.” For instance, if you get caught engaging in conduct that’s harmful or bothersome to the greater public, that conduct classifies as “disorderly.” Here are some examples of actions that qualify as disorderly conduct:

  • False Reporting – If you falsely report a crime or complaint to authorities, directing their attention away from other potential crimes or problems within a community.
  • Fighting – If you break out in a verbal or physical conflict, that not only affects you and the other fighters but those around you.
  • School ThreatsThreatening students or school faculty with reports of bombs, weapons, guns, or other violent actions is felony disorderly conduct.
  • Protesting/Rioting – All Americans have the right to gather and peacefully protest. However, when that protesting actively puts others in harm’s way or devolves into something more violent, it becomes disorderly conduct.
  • Invasion of Privacy – If you are caught spying on others with lewd or criminal intentions.
  • Public Misconduct – Any action you take in public is typically considered private conduct. For example, cases of public intoxication and public urination fall under disorderly conduct.

What to Expect from Your Defense

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As a criminal defense lawyer for the Greater Peoria area, we take disorderly conduct cases in Lewistown IL and elsewhere seriously. From gathering evidence to negotiations with the prosecution, we work to reach a satisfactory conclusion as possible for your case. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, conclusions could range from having sentencing reduced to getting charges dropped. We’ll work with you to discover what’s possible!

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