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Putting Your Child First: Hire a Children Custody Lawyer for Pekin IL

Whether you have a child out of wedlock, or children from a past or ongoing separation, you’re always going to look out for the best interests of your kids. And at Brave Law Center, P.C., we feel the same way! But sometimes, good intentions can be marred by disagreements with the other parent. And in such scenarios, having a children custody lawyer for Pekin IL might become necessary. Our team will help you care for your children in the best way you see fit.

Reasons You Might Need an Attorney

Not every parenting decision outside of a marital relationship necessarily requires legal assistance. However, if you find yourself having less and less a say in your children’s raising, it might be time to get an attorney involved.

  • Moving Parents – Initial plans of custody or visitation can be quickly blown up with the decision of a parent moving. Especially for an ex-partner moving out of state or country, this can put a strain on already agreed-upon child custody arrangements. It’s the job of your attorney to help navigate any changes and make custody adjustments accordingly.
  • Violation of Agreements – If you’ve already worked out custody arrangements with the other parent, it can come as a shock when they don’t hold up their end of an agreement. For example, if they choose to ignore your visitation rights or stop paying child support. As such, a lawyer can help you take legal action, ensuring the other parent continues to abide by legal custody arrangements.
  • Past Actions – People make mistakes! However, for those who have made a concerted effort to turn their life around from drug abuse, past convictions or other regrettable decisions, it shouldn’t reflect on the person you are now. And if you’re concerned a parent might use your past mistakes to make a case for why you should see or care for your kids, allow a children custody lawyer for Pekin IL to fight for your current character and responsibility.
  • Abuse – Protecting your child is of the utmost concern to you and our team. So, if you’re attempting to remove yourself and your children from a household where physical or mental abuse took place, we work diligently to assist you and your case. We can argue for sole custody in such scenarios and legally bar abusive parties from interacting with your kids.

Additional Legal Practices

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Brave Law Center is ready to lend a hand if you need legal assistance beyond child custody and family law. Our practice areas include:

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