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Looking Out for Your Kids: Hire a Children Custody Lawyer for East Peoria IL

No matter what your relationship is with the parent of your children, you should always be looking out for the well-being of your kids. And while well-being usually pertains to the physical and mental health of a child, it can also coincide with legal guardianship and custody. That’s where Brave Law Center, P.C. can help. As a children custody lawyer for East Peoria IL, we can help parents do what’s best for their children legally.

Custody Issues We Can Help Resolve

There’s more to child custody than where your kids get to stay each night. Thankfully, our team of attorneys understands the intricacies of child custody law in Illinois. We can help you navigate various scenarios, such as visitation rights or child support, to ensure all parties are treated fairly and your children are adequately cared for.

  • Custody – The main issue for parents is determining where a child will live and who will implement primary care. Through the courts, they can either grant you joint or sole custody. Joint custody is where the time and care of your children are split equally between both parents. Conversely, sole custody is where one parent is given the responsibility of caring for your children. Sole custody is more likely in cases of abuse or violence.
  • Visitation Rights – If one parent is deemed the primary guardian of your children, visitation rights can still be negotiated. Visitation is a set amount of time one parent is allowed to visit or care for their children. As a parent with visitation rights, you might be allowed to have your children over at your residence every other week, on weekends, or another agreed-upon period.
  • Paternity – Some child custody rights are restricted on the grounds of biological paternity. However, if paternity is proven to be true, steps can be taken to ensure each parent has a say in raising their children. Paternity cases are meant to resolve questions of who the true father is, mothers seeking support from absentee dads, scenarios where parentage is questioned due to accusations of adultery, and more.

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Child custody is a serious legal issue that Brave Law Center has plenty of experience handling. Jason B. Netzley of Brave Law has managed hundreds of family law cases, many of which dealt with children and guardianship. However, Jason and his team also have extensive experience in various other legal practices, including:

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