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What You Can Do After Traffic Violations in Peoria IL

In today’s world, driving is a necessity. However, with traffic violations on your record, you risk losing your license, thus your ability to drive. And if you are a working adult, being unable to drive is out of the question. Thus, when facing potential traffic violations in Peoria IL, you need an experienced legal defender on your side. Allow the professionals at Brave Law Center, P.C. to lend a hand.

Types of Violations and How to Handle Them

The vast majority of traffic violations fall under “strict liability offenses.” These offenses are often more harmless and are unintentional mistakes but still warrant a warning or ticket. However, if enough of these offenses end up on your record, you risk more severe fines and penalties. Examples of these offenses include:

  • Speeding
  • Not Using Turn Signals
  • Parking Violations
  • Failing to Stop or Yield
  • Burnt-Out Headlights or Tail-Lights

More severe traffic violations often have to do with whether a driver specifically takes unlawful actions willingly during driving. Additionally, if your actions have a direct impact on other drivers or pedestrians. Such offenses include:

  • Running Red-Lights
  • Driving Through Stop Signs
  • Hit and Runs
  • Damage to Person or Property
  • Parking in Fire Zones
  • Driving While Under the Influence

The Right Representation for Your Criminal Case

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While most traffic violations in Pekin IL aren’t as severe, you can still avoid fines and penalties with the help of an attorney. Additionally, Brave Law Center offers representation for other criminal cases. We are experienced in handling:

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