Traffic Law Fulton County IL

Traffic Law Fulton County IL

Get Legal Advisement on Traffic Law in Fulton County IL

If you want to fight tickets you received, consult with Brave Law attorneys about traffic law in Fulton County IL. Call now at 309-228-9254 to get the advice you need to fight for your rights.

Our local lawyers can guide you through the complexities of area traffic codes and the language involved in traffic cases. Therefore, they can potentially identify mistakes made by police officers or weaknesses in the evidence involved with your case. As a result, our attorneys can use the flaws in the case against you to reduce charges or get tickets dismissed. So, contact us right away if you receive any of the following violations:

Stay Current with Updates to Traffic Law in Fulton County IL

Brave Law attorneys can also educate you about recent changes to traffic law in Fulton County IL. New laws enacted throughout Illinois could subject you to costly fines. In some cases, these updates to traffic law could result in your driver’s license getting revoked. Please continue reading to learn more about the recent changes to traffic laws:

  • The Illinois Vehicle Code recently changed to create a 12-month license suspension and minimum fine of $1,000 for drivers who cause “great bodily harm, permanent disability or disfigurement to another person” while texting and driving.
  • Another amendment to traffic law, also called Mason’s Law, enacts stricter punishments for drivers who fail to yield in school zones or at crosswalks, causing an accident that injures someone. Now, drivers face a suspension of driving privileges for 1 year.

How Our Attorneys Can Help with Traffic Law

Traffic Law Fulton County IL

When you want to fight tickets, get the legal counsel and strategies you need from Brave Law attorneys. We can help explain your rights concerning the traffic law in Fulton County IL. In some cases, we can work to get your citations dismissed. Dismissals can occur in cases with conditions like the following:

  • The patrol officer who issued the ticket fails to attend your court hearing.
  • Our lawyers negotiate a plea agreement with the judge. As a result, you can accept a less serious, non-moving violation.
  • The judge grants alternative disciplinary measures that our attorneys can negotiate for you. For instance, we could help you avoid stiffer penalties. In those cases, you could be required to attend traffic school or agree to an unsupervised probationary period.

In certain circumstances, we may not get a dismissal or alternative discipline. However, our attorneys can still work to minimize fines or other penalties. Because insurance companies regularly review your driving record, we could save you money by keeping points off your driving record.

Let’s Discuss Your Case

You will never know if you can get tickets dropped or dismissed unless you contact Brave Law attorneys for help with traffic law in Fulton County IL. Call now at 309-228-9254 to discuss your case with us. In addition, you can request a consultation through our online contact form. Our local law firm is located at 330 Northeast Perry Avenue in Peoria IL.

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