Marriage Dissolution Pekin IL

Marriage Dissolution Pekin IL

Get Legal Advice for Your Marriage Dissolution in Pekin IL

Tazewell County residents trust Brave Law Center attorneys for their negotiation experience when it comes to getting a marriage dissolution in Pekin IL. Request Reservation today by calling 309-228-9254.

The end of a relationship often brings hard feelings, uncertainty to your family, and dire financial consequences. Plus, divorce proceedings will seek to assign blame for why your marriage failed. However, you can choose an alternative to this stressful and bitter process. If you get a marriage dissolution in Pekin IL, you can choose to let local attorneys with years of experience in negotiating fair agreements to complicated matters fight for you. Attorneys can defend your best interests while also providing a potentially faster, cheaper result that works for your whole family.

Brave Law Center understands you may not know all the facts about getting a marriage dissolution in Pekin IL. Our firm specializes in family law and our attorneys can answer all your questions. Contact us now for a free initial consultation on working toward the best possible outcome in this difficult time.

How Long Does It Take for a Marriage Dissolution in Pekin IL?

When you get a marriage dissolution, you can potentially avoid the expense and hassle of attending multiple court dates and following temporary orders. Since a marriage dissolution does not seek to assign blame, it relies solely on the ability of both parties to reach an agreement. In fact, both sides must agree on all aspects of parental rights, financial responsibilities, and property division before any paperwork gets filed with the courts. Therefore, a marriage dissolution could provide you with a way to avoid heated confrontations in court. Brave Law Center family law attorneys can do the work for you by reaching an agreement on terms you find to be fair.

How Does a Marriage Resolution Work?

Before you petition the court for a marriage resolution in Pekin IL, both sides must come to agreement on all the following:

  • Property Division
  • Designation of the residential parent
  • Parental rights
  • Child visitation agreements
  • Spousal support payments
  • Child support payments
  • Settlement of debt
  • Payment for legal fees

Because the court does not get involved, neither party can use subpoena power to get information. Therefore, both sides must work together voluntarily to disclose information pertaining to property, assets, and finances. In addition, parties can agree to hire professionals who can assess a valuation for property and assets to be divided.

What Happens After Agreement on a Marriage Dissolution?

Marriage Dissolution Pekin IL

When both parties come to agreement on a marriage dissolution in Pekin IL, a petition gets filed with the court. The next step involves a court hearing to finalize the agreement. In the court hearing, both sides must provide testimony on the following:

  • Each party is satisfied with the agreement
  • Both parties signed the agreement voluntarily
  • Each party made full disclosure on property and assets
  • Both sides agree to voluntarily dissolve the marriage

Finally, the court rules to accept the agreement if all conditions are met. When that happens, the marriage is legally dissolved, ending it like a divorce.

Why Brave Law Center for a Marriage Dissolution in Pekin IL?

Brave Law Center attorneys specialize in family law, serve clients with integrity, and are dedicated to the legal process. Our firm uses years of experience with these types of negotiations to strike a fair deal for your marriage dissolution in Pekin IL. Over many years, our attorneys have assisted families in getting through some of their most difficult times and troubling legal matters. Call our respected local lawyers today at 309-228-9254 or Request Reservation with us online. We will work toward the best possible resolution for you and your family.

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