Guardianship Attorney East Peoria IL

Do I Need a Local Guardianship Attorney in East Peoria IL?

If you are interested in becoming a guardian to a mentally or physically disabled person, a child, or an elderly person, you should consult with local guardianship attorney in East Peoria IL. A local attorney from the Brave Law Center can assist you on your path to establishing legal guardianship. Brave Law guardianship attorney Amanda K. Stanley can also explain your legal responsibilities as a guardian to you. Our firm specializes in family law, and our attorneys can lend years of expertise and a thorough understanding of guardianship laws and procedures to help your case. To receive a free consultation, contact Brave Law today to speak with our Tazewell County guardianship attorney in East Peoria IL.

Guardianship Attorney East Peoria IL

How Can a Guardianship Attorney Help My Case?

Brave Law’s guardianship attorney can explain the specific types of welfare, financial, medical, and legal decisions you can make as a ward’s legal guardian. In addition, we can guide you through the legal guardianship process. Here is a summary of the steps involved.

  • Our guardianship attorney in East Peoria IL can prepare and file a petition for guardianship with the court.
  • Plus, our team can attend and represent you during the court hearing.
  • In addition, we can help you determine what sort of evidence you need to prove you are a suitable guardian.
  • Also, we can collect and present the evidence to the court.
  • Most importantly, we ensure that you fulfill all legal requirements correctly to become a ward’s guardian.

Are There Different Kinds of Guardianships?

Establishing guardianship gives a person or agency the legal power to make financial, medical, and personal decisions on behalf of another person, called a ward. Based on the needs of the ward, a court can appoint different kinds of guardianship. Some forms of guardianship grant the guardian full powers to make decisions for the ward. Meanwhile, other types of guardianship limit the guardian to make only specific decisions designated by the court. Here is an overview of the varying types of guardianship in Illinois.

  • Temporary Guardianship – Wards facing some sort of urgent danger or immediate threat can gain assistance from a court-appointed temporary guardian. Thus, a guardian makes decisions for the ward in a period designated by the court. When the short-term crisis gets resolved, the guardianship ends.
  • Guardianship of the Person – The court appoints this type of guardian for a ward “because of his disability, lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to make or communicate responsible decisions regarding the care of his person.” Consequently, the decides on the ward’s medical treatment, habilitation, education, and vocation.
  • Guardianship of the Estate – A guardian of the estate makes decisions about management of the ward’s property and finances.
  • Limited Guardianship – The court limits the decision-making power of these kinds of guardians to specified matters. Therefore, the guardian must only make financial, medical, or personal decisions with powers granted by the court. Meanwhile, the ward maintains some freedoms and legal rights on matters left out of the court decision.
  • Plenary Guardianship – A court designates a plenary guardian when it rules on the incapacity of an adult ward. As a result, the court finds that the ward is unable to care for themselves. Plenary guardians can handle decisions for the incapable party, their estate, or both.
  • Standby Guardianship – These guardians work toward being a safety net, easing the burden on the primary guardian, and ensuring the ward’s wellbeing is maintained, even in their absence.
Guardianship Attorney East Peoria IL

Contact Our Local Guardianship Attorney

If you have questions about becoming a guardian, you can get the answers you need from Brave Law’s guardianship attorney in East Peoria IL. Amanda K. Stanley of the Brave Law Center provides compassionate legal counsel and can help you navigate the complexities of legal guardianship processes. In addition to guardianship, Brave Law lawyers specialize in other aspects of family law including divorce, child custody, adoption, and more. Give our office a call at 309-685-7900 or email to schedule your consultation.

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