Family Lawyer Peoria County IL

Family Lawyer Peoria County IL

Get Trusted Guidance from a Family Lawyer in Peoria County IL

The Brave Law team provides qualified legal advice and representation to navigate difficult times when you need a family lawyer in Peoria County IL. Call 309-228-9254 for attorneys who handle many complex family law matters.

We can help if you need to file for divorce, fight for child custody, or come to an agreement on child support. Family law cases often involve difficult tasks and stressful situations. However, our lawyers combine extensive knowledge of family law, a strong work ethic, and sensitivity to the emotional needs of our clients to tackle challenges head on. If necessary, we use considerable experience to work toward the best possible outcomes for our clients in court. Yet, we strive to resolve cases amicably through mediation, settlements, or other alternative dispute resolution procedures. Most importantly, we make it our goal to provide cost-effective solutions involving the least amount of stress for our clients.

Contact us today to speak with a dedicated legal professional who will defend your rights. Our lawyers are willing to take the necessary steps to represent your best interests. Thus, we will put in all the required work to bring you the best possible resolution.

Juvenile Attorneys

Brave Law can help if your children experience legal problems. So, contact our family lawyer in Peoria County IL for a positive outcome to your difficult situation. Juvenile law matters arise because legislators and courts believe that minors deserve lesser punishments than adults. They feel juvenile offenders will undergo successful rehabilitation more often than adults. As a result, our lawyers will review your child’s case and work toward lesser penalties or desired alternative forms of punishment.

Adoption Lawyers

Our family lawyer in Peoria County IL can prepare all the legal documents necessary to complete your adoption. They will handle the documents to terminate the parental rights, and they will complete all the necessary legal forms for the finalization of the adoption. In addition, our services offer a more cost-effective approach than using an adoption agency if you already have a birth mother in mind. Though anyone can file a Petition for Adoption of a child, parental rights are protected by the Fourteenth Amendment as a fundamental right. Thus, you will need to obtain parental consent or file documents to terminate parental rights for a non-parent to adopt a child. Our attorneys can help you through that process.

Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is another area of specialization for our family lawyer in Peoria County IL. We can help you wade through all the contentious issues, from working out child custody agreements to division of assets and more. We will defend your rights and use resources to ensure that your ex cannot hide or divert assets to keep your from receiving what you are entitled. If necessary, we will represent you in court all the way through to the successful dissolution of your marriage.

Lawyers for Child Custody and Visitation Cases

During the marriage dissolution process, child custody and visitation concerns can cause arguments. If you are experiencing confrontations over child custody matters, consult with a Brave Law Center family lawyer in Peoria County IL. We will several factors to reach the best possible resolution to your case. Our attorney will evaluate the following information:

Family Lawyer Peoria County IL
  • Child’s wishes
  • Wishes of parents
  • Level of adjustment
  • History of violence

Frequently, joint custody offers the best resolution for children if both parents are stable, agreeable, and willing to split custody. However, our attorneys can negotiate an agreement on your behalf if your ex contests your child custody or visitation rights.

Consult with an Experienced Family Lawyer in Peoria County IL

Brave Law understands our clients deal with many stressful situations and difficult emotions if they require a family lawyer in Peoria County IL. We will listen to you and work toward achieving the results you want for your case. Give us a call at 309-228-9254 for a Request Reservation. If you have questions, you can also contact us online for answers. The Brave Law Center is located at 330 NE Perry Ave., Peoria IL 61603.

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