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Can’t Settle a Family Dispute? Call a Family Attorney in East Peoria IL

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Splits in the family can be an ugly problem. However, these disagreements are sometimes unavoidable, and will ultimately lead to a separation. If this occurs, you need to ensure you and your children are getting the most from the divorce. By hiring a family attorney in East Peoria IL, you can get the representation you need. And for a lawyer who specializes in family law, call Brave Law Center, P.C.

At Brave Law Center, P.C., our team of attorneys work with your best interests in mind. We fight for your right to a clean separation. Also, we ensure your children are put in the best situation possible, with the support and care that they need. You can trust us to help resolve your family separation in a manner most beneficial to you.

Family Law Areas We Cover

Our specialization in family law makes our attorneys the right ones to help settle your separation woes. Whether divorce, child custody or child support, we can make the legal proceedings as stress-free as possible.

  • Divorce
    • Some relationships can end amicably, while others can get messy. No matter your unique situation, we remain by your side through the process. We help to fairly distribute all property, finances and debt to the appropriate parties.
  • Custody and Visitation
    • When children are involved in the divorce process, it can become more complex. Thankfully, we have handled multiple cases of custody rights and visitation. Our team will present your case to a court and help you gain proper custody of your children.
  • Child Support
    • After the dust of your divorce has settled, the other parent of your children should be expected to contribute some monetary value to their raising. A family lawyer can help work out the details, and make sure your children are getting the support they need.

Attorneys You Can Count On

Our expertise as a family attorney for East Peoria IL doesn’t stop there. Jason B. Netzley and his team are educated in other matters of law. We have assisted clients throughout Peoria and the central Illinois area with cases involving:

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When you need legal representation for your separation, you know the family attorney for East Peoria IL you can trust. Give Brave Law Center, P.C. a call today. You can contact us at 309-685-7900. Also, our Peoria office is located at 330 NE Perry Ave., Peoria IL 61603.

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Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL


Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL