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Protect your assets and best interests by getting assistance from the Brave Law Center with divorce mediation in Dunlap IL. Many couples discover they can reduce the cost and stress of the divorce process through mediation. You can choose to use mediation at any point of the divorce process, including after the finalization of a divorce.

In addition, Illinois court laws require spouses to attend a case management conference within 90 days of the filing party serving divorce papers. The state also requires local courts to use mediation for any cases involving custody, visitation, a child’s relocation, or parenting time. It does not matter whether the parents are married or not. The only exception to mandatory custody mediation involves cases that include “impediments” to the mediation process.

Brave Law Center specializes in all matters of family law. As a result, we can assist you with divorce, child custody, child support, and spousal support cases. Whether your case involves an amicable split or a contested divorce, our attorneys will explain your rights and represent you. Contact us for the best possible outcome for your divorce.

Mediation Prior to Filing for Divorce

A marriage dissolution involves voluntarily reaching a separation agreement with your spouse before filing for a divorce. Under this scenario, you can undergo an uncontested divorce that is much faster and cheaper than the contested divorce process. The separation agreement must address all of the following:

  • Arrangements for custody of minor children, parental visitation, and child support
  • The amount and length of payments if one spouse agrees to pay alimony
  • How assets and debts will get divided among spouses

We can help to protect your rights and best interests if you are struggling to come to agreement on any or all these issues. Plus, we can represent you during divorce mediation in Dunlap IL.

Mediation During the Divorce Process

In certain cases, evidence can come to light during the discovery process that makes a spouse more open to divorce mediation in Dunlap IL. In this instance, we can explain your best course of action and assist you with mediation during the divorce. As mentioned above, the court also requires mediation during the divorce process under certain circumstances. You can get the guidance you need during this process from a Brave Law Center divorce attorney.

Divorce Mediation Dunlap IL

Mediation After the Divorce Gets Finalized

Unfortunately, the end of the divorce process does not always involve the end of disagreements between spouses. Many former spouses who are still coparenting or making support payments can argue over their circumstances. For example, one spouse might want to move to another state with a minor child or change the amount of child support or alimony payments. If you cannot come to agreement, our divorce attorney can help you avoid a prolonged and expense legal battle with divorce mediation in Dunlap IL. In addition, we can help negotiate any desired changes to the dissolution judgment.

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Brave Law Center can assist you if you would like to pursue divorce mediation in Dunlap IL. We specialize in all aspects of family law, including divorce. Contact us now to arrange a consultation to discuss your case. Also, you can call the Brave Law Center at 309-228-9248 to schedule a consultation. Our office staff is available from 8 am to 5:30 pm each Monday through Friday.

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