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Seek Reliable Defense for Disorderly Conduct in Pekin IL

Have you been charged with disorderly conduct in Pekin IL? Do you believe the circumstances of your crime don’t fit the charges against you? If this sounds like a familiar scenario, it might be time to explore some legal defense options. Thankfully, Brave Law Center, P.C., provides the legal counsel you need. We’ve dealt with hundreds of criminal cases, including disorderly conduct. Our attorney team will evaluate your case and work towards the best possible outcome based on the circumstances.

Understanding Disorderly Conduct

In Illinois, disorderly conduct charges cover a wide range of criminal offenses. Disorderly conduct is a broad statute to punish those who look to “disturb the peace.” However, disturbing the peace can fall under several categories: false reports, school threats, invasion of privacy, debt collection harassment and general breach of the peace (everything else).

  • False Reports – If individuals get caught fabricating a complaint or criminal report, they can be charged with a crime themselves. Typically, false reports include misleading 911 calls, fake bomb reports, false reports of abuse, etc.
  • School Threats – A school threat is similar to a false report but a more serious offense targeting minors. Any threat of a bomb, guns, weapons or violence towards students or school staff classifies as felony disorderly conduct.
  • Invasion of Privacy – Individuals caught spying on others with lewd or criminal intentions can be charged with the crime of disorderly conduct.
  • Debt Collection Harassment – For instance, if a debt collector calls you once or twice, seeking payment, this isn’t considered harassment. However, it crosses the line into disorderly conduct when debt collectors continue to hound you or attempt to intimidate or threaten you.
  • Breach of Peace – A breach of peace covers every disorderly charged not already covered in the previous categories. Most “breach of peace” charges involve individuals whose actions knowingly cause alarm or harm to others. For instance, such incidents can involve fights, disrupting an event or assembly, violent rioting, public intoxication, etc.

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How Can We Help?

The consequences of disorderly conduct in Pekin IL can range considerably. Thus, disorderly conduct charges span all levels of misdemeanor and some into a felony. However, no matter where you land on the severity scale, Brave Law Center will work to reduce your charges or have them dropped. If your actions do not prove they would have caused harm or inconvenience to others, your case can quickly lose relevancy. However, it’s just as important to have the sentencing lessened if charges for disorderly conduct stick.

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