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Acting in Defense of Disorderly Conduct in Peoria IL

Disorderly conduct can range from a variety of criminal offenses. So, if being charged with disorderly conduct, it might not be immediately apparent what offenses you violated. However, if you believe you were wrongly accused or didn’t deserve the charges, you have a right to legal representation. As such, Brave Law Center, P.C. can provide you with a robust legal defense related to your charges of disorderly conduct in Peoria IL. We’ll work to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

What is Disorderly Conduct?

The definition for disorderly conduct might be broader than you expect. As such, disorderly conduct encompasses numerous types of public disturbances that result in a non-peaceful event. If you think of your actions as inciting potential harm and disturbing the peace of a community, you’re likely to be charged with disorderly conduct. Examples include:

  • Protesting – Every American citizen has a right to peaceful protest. However, if those protests get out of hand or become disruptive, they can qualify as disorderly conduct.
  • Disturbing Group Gatherings & Assemblies – If an individual were to barge into and cause a scene at a public forum, city council meeting, Sunday morning church assembly or some other similar public or private gathering, it can be considered disorderly conduct.
  • Fights – The law usually associates assault or battery with fights or brawls. However, disorderly conduct charges can be brought against you if a fight is deemed a disturbance of the peace.
  • Public Misconduct – Any action you take in public that typically involves private conduct might land you in trouble with law enforcement. For example, cases of public intoxication or public urination warrant charges of disorderly conduct.
  • Police – In your interactions with police, you have a right to have your voice heard. However, if your interactions turn hostile or violent with physical contact, an argument can quickly veer towards disorderly conduct.

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How Can We Help?

Charges of disorderly conduct for Peoria IL don’t always result in severe punishments. In Illinois, disorderly conduct is usually classified as a misdemeanor and can come with charges of up to 30 days in prison and between $75 to $1,500 in fines. However, depending on the severity of the crime, a misdemeanor could just as easily turn into felony charges. In either scenario, Brave Law Center can assist with your case by either negotiating less severe charges and penalties or convincing a judge your actions don’t meet the criteria for disorderly conduct.

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