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Who Can You Call as Your Criminal Defense Attorney for Lewiston IL?

We all make mistakes now and again. After all, we’re only human! However, some mistakes can come with severe legal consequences. If such is the case for you, you need guidance from a criminal defense attorney for Lewiston IL. Thankfully, Brave Law Center, P.C. has years of experience managing criminal cases throughout Central Illinois. Call us today to discuss your case with our legal team.

The Cases We Manage

From misdemeanors to DUIs, Brave Law manages a significant range of criminal cases. Allow our team to analyze your case and determine your best legal path forward. Jason B. Netzley and his team have assisted clients with cases involving:

  • Traffic Law – Whether dealing with a speeding ticket, a run red light, or a parking infraction, our legal team can assist with your case. Especially in scenarios where you believe you were wrongly accused of a traffic violation, we will evaluate the incident, review police reports, seek witness testimony, and defend your rights in front of a judge.
  • DUIs The most severe of traffic violations in Illinois are DUIs. If arrested for a DUI, you can face steep fees, license revocation, and possible jail time. However, punishments associated with DUIs can be negotiated down by an attorney. And in some cases, we can prove instances of improper pull-overs or inaccurate sobriety testing.
  • Misdemeanors While less severe than a felony, a misdemeanor can still come with fines, probation, and possible jail time. Examples of a misdemeanor include possession of illegal drugs, disorderly conduct, aggravated assault, theft, and more. Hiring a criminal defense attorney for Lewiston IL can allow you to negotiate less severe punishments or reach a plea deal for misdemeanors.
  • Felonies If facing accusations of a felony, it can be a stressful time. However, you are afforded the same rights as anyone else, and Brave Law will always stand up for your best interests. Examples of felonies include sexual assault, arson, kidnapping, grand theft, murder and more.

Necessary Legal Representation

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Criminal cases can require a robust legal defense from attorneys with numerous years of experience with Illinois criminal law. As such, Jason B. Netzley and his team are prepared to discuss your case and all its possible outcomes. Or, if criminal law isn’t your concern, we provide a litany of legal services suited to the needs of our clients. For example, our practice areas include:

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When facing criminal charges, don’t take on your case alone. Be sure to find a reliable criminal defense attorney for Lewiston IL through Brave Law Center, P.C. Contact us today at 309-685-7900 to schedule a Request Reservation. Also, we are located at 330 NE Perry Ave, Peoria, IL 61603.

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